Statewide Utility Wildfire General Order (General Order)

Projects that involve discharges to waters of the state in more than one region are the jurisdiction of the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board). The following general order is under development for a multi-regional project.

Project Subject
Statewide Utility Wildfire General Order (General Order) The State Water Board proposes to develop a General Order to permit discharges of waste associated with operations and maintenance activities related to wildfire management by electric utility companies (e.g., vegetation management; system hardening, and site access) into waters of the state. This General Order proposes to also cover electric utility infrastructure operations and maintenance activities that are not directly related to wildfire mitigation but have the same potential effects on water quality as wildfire mitigation activities. Pursuant to CEQA, the State Water Board will be the Lead Agency and will prepare an EIR for the proposed General Order.