Data Sources: State Water Board

The State Water Resources Control Board's (State Water Board) GeoTracker data system houses that data and information necessary for managing sites that impact groundwater. These include cleanup sites (e.g., Underground Storage Tanks [USTs]Department of Defense [DOD], and the Site Cleanup Program), and permitted facilities (e.g., USTs and land disposal operations). The GeoTracker portals use a web-based mapping interface that allows users to retrieve records and integrated data sets from multiple State Water Board programs and other agencies. Users may view data in relationship to streets/roads, satellite imagery, and terrain maps views, and other sites that affect groundwater quality, wells, and other beneficial uses that may be affected. Additional information and access to GeoTracker may be found at: Geotracker.

GeoTracker GAMA
The State Water Board’s Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) program compiles data and information on California’s water supply aquifers, which are publically accessible through GeoTracker GAMA. GeoTracker GAMA is an online groundwater information system that gives you access to water quality data and connects you to groundwater basics and groundwater protection information. This online database integrates groundwater quality data from multiple sources, which are searchable by chemical or location, with results displayed on an interactive map. Additional information and access to GeoTracker GAMA may be found at Geotracker GAMA.

The Division of Water Rights’ electronic Water Rights Information Management System (eWRIMS) tracks information on water rights in California. eWRIMS contains information on Statements of Water Diversion and Use that have been filed by water diverters, and registrations, certificates, and water right permits and licenses issued by the Division of Water Rights and its predecessors. Additional information and access to eWRIMS may be found at eWRIMS.

The eWRIMS Web Mapping Application is a web-based mapping interface that displays the location of water rights and points of diversion (PODs) throughout California. Additional information and access to eWRIMS Web Mapping Application may be accessed at eWRIMS Mapping Application.

Water Quality Goals
The State Water Board maintains a searchable database containing a compilation of numeric water quality thresholds from state and federal regulations, and from literature for hundreds of chemical constituents and water quality parameters. Additional information and access to the water quality goals database may be found at Water Quality Goals.

Additional State Water Board Groundwater Information Resources
The State Water Board’s GAMA program maintains a page of groundwater information and data resources in addition to those listed above. These additional resources provide access to programs and websites maintained by State Water Board and other state, federal, and local entities. Additional information and access to the State Water Board’s groundwater information resources may be found at Groundwater Information Agency Links.