Water Recycling Funding Program

Pilot Project Grant Requirements

The Water Recycling Funding Program provides grants to assist public agencies with the construction of pilot projects for new potable reuse.  The applicant must demonstrate that the pilot project will develop new information that does not currently exist and increase the body of knowledge regarding technologies that help the understanding of how potable reuse can effectively be achieved through the innovative application of current and new technologies.

Eligible pilot projects may receive grant funds in the amount of up to 35% of total eligible pilot study construction costs incurred up to a maximum of $1 million.

Forms and Instructions:

Application Package must contain the following (see Application Instructions):

  • Application Form
  • Work Plan
  • Certification for Compliance with Water Metering Form
  • Proof of Urban Water Management Plan compliance
  • Authorizing Resolution
  • Audited Financial Statements (1-year)
  • Relevant Service, Management, Operating, or Joint Powers Agreement (if applicable)

How to Apply?

The WRFP is accepting applications from October 18 – November 30, 2018

Apply online via the Financial Assistance Application Submittal Tool (FAAST):

  • Select the “Water Recycling Funding Program – Pilot Project Grant”

Application and Award Process

Complete applications submitted by the solicitation end date will be reviewed and scored by State Water Board staff. The WRFP has $3.75 million in grants available for award.
The following estimated schedule describes the process to receiving a financing agreement:

  • Dec 2018 – Division staff review grant applications and request supplemental information as needed
  • Dec 2018 - Jan 2019 – Division staff prepare Proposed Funding List for Deputy Director or State Water Board Approval
  • Feb 2019 – Proposed Funding List approval by Deputy Director (routine and non-controversial projects) or by the State Water Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting (Non-routine and controversial projects)
  • Mar – Jun 2019 – Division staff prepare financing agreements

At execution, the applicant will be expected to submit an opinion from its general counsel, substantially similar to the following template:

Questions or Comments?

Please contact:
Sandeep Kals - (916) 324-8404
Water Recycling Funding Program
Division of Financial Assistance
State Water Resources Control Board
P.O. Box 944212
Sacramento, CA 94244-2120