Watershed Protection Program


The Watershed Protection Program, funded under the auspicies of Proposition 13, provides $90 million for watershed protection projects. Eligible projects include activities that:

  • Reduce chronic flooding or control water velocity and volume using nonstructural methods.
  • Protect and enhance greenbelts and riparian and wetlands habitats.
  • Restore or improve habitat for aquatic or terrestrial species.
  • Monitor the water quality conditions and assess the environmental health of watersheds.
  • Use Geographic Information System to display and manage the environmental data describing the watershed.
  • Prevent watershed soil erosion and sedimentation of surface waters.
  • Support beneficial groundwater recharge capabilities.
  • Reduce the discharge of pollutants from storm water or nonpoint source.

Municipalities, local agencies, nonprofit organizations, Indian tribes, and state agencies may apply for this funding. Statutory requirements mandate that sixty percent of the funds be allocated to projects in the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Ventura. Furthermore, $35 million has been set aside for grants to small communities with a financial hardship and not more than $13.5 million may be used for development of local watershed plans. Eligible disadvantaged small communities must have a population less than 10,000 and an annual median household income (MHI) less than 80 percent of the Statewide annual MHI.


Eligible Applicants: Municipalities, local agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, Indian tribes, state agencies, and federal agencies
Eligible Project Types:
  1. Building local community capacity to assess and effectively manage watersheds that affect the Bay Delta system
  2. Development or refinement of watershed assessments and plans
  3. Design, development, and implementation of specific watershed conservations, maintenance, and restoration actions
Funding Available: $0
Fund Source: Proposition 13
Loans or Grants: Grants
Applications: No longer accepting applications


For questions, please contact:

Ms. Leslie Laudon
Division of Financial Assistance
Project Development Section
(916) 341-5499



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