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Land Disposal Program

Wastes Allowed for Discharge at Disposal Facilities

This page contains updated lists provided by the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCBs) of open, commercial Class I, II, and III landfills and the types of wastes accepted at each. It includes a partial listing of the other types of open, commercial disposal sites, such as surface impoundments and land treatment units. Class I sites may accept hazardous and nonhazardous wastes; Class II sites may accept “designated” and nonhazardous wastes; and Class III sites may accept nonhazardous wastes. The wastes accepted at each facility are indicated by a “+” in the space. If the space is blank, this waste is not accepted at that facility. The waste categories shown on the list are in addition to the typical wastes accepted by these facilities. “Unclassified’ sites accept inert wastes only.

The lists include the facility contact’s telephone number. It is imperative you contact the facility prior to arriving with waste. The landfill operator may choose not to accept waste even if permitted in Waste Discharge Requirements. Also note that the Solid Waste Facility Permit issued by the local enforcement agency and the Integrated Waste Management Board may not allow discharge of certain wastes.

If you have any other questions, please contact the facility or the appropriate RWQCB.

Region 1 - Waste Acceptance List (2011 update)

Region 2 - Waste Acceptance List (2014 update)

Region 3 - Waste Acceptance List (2014 update)

Region 4 - Waste Acceptance List (2014 update)

Region 5 - Waste Acceptance List (2015 update)

Region 6 - Waste Acceptance List (2018 update)

Region 7 - Waste Acceptance List (2002 update)

Region 8 - Waste Acceptance List (2014 update)

Region 9 - Waste Acceptance List (2014 update)

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To search for transfer stations, material recovery facilities, composting sites, transformation facilities, waste tire sites and closed disposal sites, please see the CalRecycle SWIS database.