Land Disposal Program

Waste Classifications

Section 13260(a) of the California Water Code requires that any person discharging waste or proposing to discharge waste within any region, other than to a community sewer system, that could affect the quality of the waters of the State, must file a report of waste discharge. This report must outline the types of wastes to be discharged in order to determine appropriate waste management unit design, operation, monitoring, closure and post closure maintenance requirements. So, the first step in Land Disposal Program regulation is the classification of wastes discharged to land according to risk they pose to water quality, and determine appropriate waste management option, as follows:

Conceptual Framework for Water Boards' Waste Classification and Determination of Waste Management Options Under Chapter 15 and Title 27

Conceptual Framework Information


Chart A (Inset to the Main Chart above for Waste Classification)

Chart A

(1) Refer to Section 13173, Water Code;
(2) Refer to appropriate Basin Plan for water quality objectives or beneficial uses of the waters.


Chart B (Inset to the Main Chart above for Selection of a Waste Management Unit)

Chart B