Ocean Standards

Amendments to the Water Quality Control Plans for Ocean Waters and Enclosed Bays and Estuaries to Address Desalination Facilities and Brine Disposal

  • Comments from Scoping Meeting - March 30, 2012
Agency / Organization / Interested Party Representative
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland
CalDesal Ronald Davis
California Coastal Commission Tom Luster
Center for Biological Diversity Miyoko Sakashita
Department of Defense, Region 9 Chris Stathos
Interested Party Carol A. Reeb
Interested Party Donald P. Schulz
Interested Party Mary Webb (1)
Mary Webb (2)
Municipal Water District of Orange County Richard Bell
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Jeffrey Kightlinger
Natural Resources Defense Council Leila Monroe
Noah Long
NGO Dana Murray
W.F. "Zeke" Grader
Marco Gonzales
Conner Everts
Susan Jordan
PC Law Group Patricia Chen
Poseidon Resource Peter MacLaggan
Scientific Hatcheries Dallas E. Weaver
San Diego County Water Authority Ken Weinberg