Ocean Standards - CWA §316(b) Regulation

Thermal Discharges - Cooling Water Intake Structures

Public Comments Regarding OTC Policy

Company Representative
AES Southland Eric Pendergraft
California Coastal Commission Peter Douglas
California Coastkeeper Alliance
Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Associations
Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies
Southern California Programs – Clean Power Campaign
Heal the Bay
Defenders of Wildlife
California Sportfishing Protection Alliance
Santa Monica Baykeeper
Food & Water Watch
Surfrider Foundation
Sierra Club California
Center for Biological Diversity
Ocean Conservancy
Pacific Environment
Clean Water Action
Friends of Trinity River
Butte Environmental Council
Southern California Watershed Alliance
Environmental Health Coalition
Coastal Alliance on Plant Expansion
Coastal Alliance of Plant Expansion
San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper
Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
Voices of the Wetlands
San Francisco Baykeeper
Orange County Coastkeeper
San Diego Coastkeeper
Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation
Linda Sheehan
Zeke Grader
V. John White
Rhonda Mills
Mark Gold
Joshua Basofin
Bill Jennings
Tom Ford
Adam Scow
Joe Geever
Jim Metropulos
Andrea Treece
Kaitilin Gaffney
Rory Cox
Jennifer Clary
Byron Leydecker
Carol Perkins
Conner Everts
Laura Hunter
Jack McCurdy
David Nelson
Gordon Hensley
Rochelle Becker
Patricia Matejcek
Jason Flanders
Garry Brown
Bruce Rexnik
Marco Gonzalez
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance Robert Lucas
Gerald Secundy
California Energy Commission
California Public Utilities Commission
California Independent System Operator Corp.
Karen Douglas
Michael Peevey
Karen Edson
California Legislature Senator Ellen Corbett
Senator Loni Hancock
Senator Mark Leno
Senator Alan Lowenthal
Senator Jenny Oropeza
Senator Fran Pavley
Senator Pat Wiggins
Assembly Member Pedro Nava Assembly Member Ira Ruskin
California State Lands Commission Paul Thayer
Central Coast Regional Water Board Michael Thomas
City of Morro Bay Robert Schultz
Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation Marco Gonzalez
Dynegy Daniel Thompson
Environmental Health Coalition Laura Hunter
Environmental Law and Justice Clinic at Golden Gate University of Law on behalf of Bayview Hunters Pont Communities for a Better Environment Patrick Sullivan
General Public Adam Cimino
General Public Alan and Amanda Miller
General Public Avi  Lenchner
General Public Barbara Renton
General Public Beatriz & Thomas Ferguson
General Public Bill Woodbridge
General Public Billy Quealy
General Public Carilyn Goldammer
General Public Carolyn Bazzani
General Public Daniel Hitt
General Public Diane Dolden
General Public Donald Bennett
General Public Eileen Murphy
General Public Eric Foxman
General Public Eric Wood
General Public Geoff Ward
General Public Jack McCurdy
General Public Jacques Couture
General Public Jason Halal
General Public Jon Cornelius
General Public Jurek Zarzycki
General Public Katharine McLean
General Public Laureen Mitchell
General Public Mark Strauch
General Public Marvin Verano
General Public Matthew Heberger
General Public Michael Marriner
General Public Paul Putter
General Public Peter Whelan
General Public Philip Salomone
General Public Pinky Kushner
General Public Randy Nichols
General Public Richard Gallegos
General Public Steve Gosschke
General Public Steven & Carolyn Conner
General Public Thomas Harrison
General Public Tynan Wyatt
General Public Vida Walsh
General Public Vikky Anders
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Aram Benyamin
Mark Sedlacek
MBC Applied Environmental Sciences Shane Beck
Mills Legal Clinic at Stanford Law School Jacob Hale Russell
Mirant California LLC Peter Landreth
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Steve Edmondson
Natural Resources Defense Council Noah Long
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Mark Krausse
RRI Energy Fred McGuire
San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace Jill Zamek
Sierra Club California
Pacific Environment
Jim Metropulos
Rory Cox
Southern California Edison Michael Hertel
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Tenera Environmental John Steinbeck
The Otter Project Allison Ford
General Public: This comment letter is a copy of the same form letter or of similar text that the SWRCB received from other individuals that totaled approx. ~7,000 Matthew Boruta

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