Wastewater Operator Certification Program


The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) has taken steps to increase enforcement and compliance with the Operator Certification Regulations and the California Water Code. If you have reason to suspect a violation of the Wastewater Operator Certification Program Regulations or the California Water Code, it is important to let us know. All allegations of potential violations are taken seriously. Reports can be made anonymously*.

Violations of the Operator Certification Regulations and the California Water Code may result in the imposition of an Administrative Civil Liability and/or disciplinary action.  Disciplinary actions include:

Refusing to grant or suspending Wastewater Operator certificates; revoking Wastewater Operator-In-Training and Wastewater Provisional Operator certificates; revoking Contract Operator registration and reprimanding and placing on probation a Wastewater Operator, Wastewater Provisional Operator, and Wastewater Contract Operator.

Complaints, Judgments, Disciplinary Actions, and News Releases

Office of Enforcement operator training video

Contact the Office of Enforcement – (916) 327-8363

Process Leading to Discipline

Filing a Complaint

*Complainants wishing to keep identities confidential will be accommodated within the limits of the law. In order to follow up on your complaint, the State Water Board may need to share the information you give us with other regulators or government agencies. This may include sharing any personal information you include in your complaint. The information you provide may also be disclosed in the following circumstances:

  1. In response to a Public Records Act request, as allowed by the California Public Records Act;
  2. To another government agency as required by state or federal law;
  3. In response to a court or administrative order, a subpoena, or a search warrant; or
In a final enforcement action, if we need your information to substantiate a violation