STORMS Seminars

The STORMS Seminar Series is an ongoing open forum that features new research, technologies, policies, and news related to stormwater. The seminar series is part of the STORMS mission to advance the perspective that stormwater is a valuable resource.


Upcoming Seminars

Past Seminars

Evaluating Benefits and Costs in Stormwater Management Seminar Recording 2020/08
STORMS Seminar -Multivalent Stormwater Actions in an Era of Climate Change Watershed Approach Handbook
Seminar Recording
Ocean Friendly Gardens: Taking the Watershed Approach to Protect Local Water Resources Seminar Recording 2018/11
Nature-Based Stormwater Projects: From Microbial to Human Communities Seminar Recording 2018/10/01
Watershed Solutions through Data Sharing, Collaboration & Education Seminar Recording 2018/06/14
Talking Trash with Clean River Alliance founder Chris Brokate Seminar Recording 2018/05/09
Floating Islands Seminar Recording 2017/08/11
Protect Every Drop Seminar Recording 2017/07/17
Enhancing Groundwater Recharge with Stormwater Seminar Recording 2017/05/30
Municipal Finance of Stormwater Projects Seminar Recording 2017/04/20
Stormwater Management Using Customized Science Based Software Seminar Recording 2017/01/30
Enhancing Urban Development with LID Designs in Sacramento Seminar Recording 2016/12/06
Transforming Gray Space into Green Space: Integrating Green Infrastructure into our Built Environment Seminar Recording 2016/09/26
Using Deep Infiltration and Drywells for Groundwater Recharge Seminar Recording 2016/07/08
Living Schoolyards for Storm Water Management Seminar Recording 2016/05/18
Using Graywater and Stormwater to Enhance Local Water Supplies Seminar Recording 2016/05/18
Real-Time Cloud-Based Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Stormwater Control Seminar Recording 2016/03

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