Thermal Plan

The Water Quality Control Plan for Control of Temperature in the Coastal and Interstate Waters and Enclosed Bays and Estuaries of California (Thermal Plan) regulates temperature in the coastal and interstate waters and enclosed bays and estuaries of California. The Thermal Plan specifies both prohibitions and thermal water quality objectives in different areas, including Cold Interstate Waters, Warm Interstate Waters, Coastal Waters, Enclosed Bays, and Estuaries. The Thermal Plan also provides detailed guidelines for implementation.

Final Documents
Thermal Plan - last revised September 18, 1975
Resolution No. 75-89 - September 18, 1975

Thermal Plan Exceptions

The Thermal Plan authorizes exceptions to the Thermal Plan objectives, stating the following: “Regional Boards may, in accordance with Section 316(a) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 and subsequent federal regulations [collectively termed the Clean Water Act] including 40 CFR 122, grant an exception to Specific Water Quality Objectives in this Plan.”

Approved Exceptions

Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

Concurrence with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Order granting an exception to the State Thermal Plan for the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Pending Exceptions

Mountain House Community Services District Wastewater Treatment Services Plan

The Central Valley Board is requesting concurrence from the State Water Board regarding the scientific bases and rationale of the studies supporting proposed exceptions to temperature objectives contained in the Thermal Plan for the Mountain House Community Services District (Discharger), Wastewater Treatment Plant (Facility) discharge to the Old River within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta).