Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

Claim Eligibility

Access to the Fund requires completion of a Fund Application. A Fund Application can be obtained by either clicking below on "Claim Application" or by calling the Fund's toll free telephone number at 1-800-813-FUND (3863).

Claim Application eligibility reviews will be performed within 10 business days of claim application package submittal.

Only complete claim application packages will be accepted for review. If incomplete,claim application packages will not be accepted for review and the claimant will receive information about deficiencies. An eligibility review cannot begin if the required information has not been submitted. A claim number will be assigned only when the claim application package is complete, and will be reviewed to determine if the claimant has submitted adequate information to determine eligibility.

The Fund requests information necessary to determine eligibility for reimbursement of corrective action costs. To file an application with the Fund, the claimant must be a current or past owner or operator of the UST from which an unauthorized release of petroleum has occurred and be required to undertake corrective action as directed by the regulatory agency. In addition to petroleum USTs,owners of certain small home heating oil tanks that have had an unauthorized release of petroleum may also be eligible.

Other eligibility requirements include compliance with applicable state UST permitting requirements, compliance with regulatory agency cleanup orders, and payment of underground storage tank fees.

The review process consists of a review to ensure the application is complete and that the claimant meets the eligibility requirements. During the review process, the claimant will be contacted if more information is required to determine eligibility or the appropriate priority class. If the claim is determined eligible for funding, it will be placed on the priority list in the appropriate priority class by the date the Fund received a complete claim application package.

Once the claim is on the priority list and the claim is reachable, a  review is conducted to ensure that the claimant is in compliance with regulatory agency directives for corrective action at the site. The compliance review may include discussions with staff assigned to oversee site cleanup activities.

If a claimant is determined eligible and funding is available, a Letter of Commitment (LOC) will be issued. The LOC is the legal document used to obligate funds for cleanup of contamination. When an LOC is issued, the claim is removed from the priority list.

If at anytime during the claim review process the claim is determined ineligible, the claimant will be notified in writing and given the reasons for the denial. In addition, the claimant will be advised of their appeal rights.

Claim Eligibility Forms and Publications