Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (USTCF)

Financial Responsibility

United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) regulations (section 280.90, subpart H-Financial Responsibility, part 280, 40 CFR) published on October 26, 1988, require owners and/or operators of USTs to demonstrate through insurance coverage or other acceptable mechanisms that they can pay for cleanup and third-party damages resulting from leaks that may occur from their USTs.

On June 9, 1993, the USEPA approved California’s Fund as a mechanism for meeting the federal financial responsibility requirements for USTs containing petroleum.

In order for the Fund to be used as a financial responsibility mechanism, the law requires that the claimant must (1) be the owner and/or operator of a petroleum UST, (2) be in compliance with applicable financial responsibility requirements, and (3) be in compliance with UST laws and regulations. The Fund works closely with regulatory agencies to determine whether a claimant has made a good faith effort to achieve compliance with the regulations and relies heavily on the recommendation of the regulatory agency when evaluating eligibility.

Financial Responsibility Guide and Forms

Where to Mail Certification

  • Send the Certification form to your Local Regulatory Agency(ies)
  • Keep a copy of the certification at each listed site.
  • Send a copy with original signatures to the State Water Resources Control Board only if the Board is indicated as a beneficiary. Include copies of applicable documents (e.g. Security Bond, CD, Letter of …)

    State Water Resources Control Board
    Division of Financial Assistance - USTCF
    P.O. Box 944212
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2120

Questions and Guidance

  • If you have questions about financial responsibility requirements or about the Certification of Financial Responsibility form, please contact your Local Regulatory Agency.