Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund


Fund GTO is an enhancement to the GeoTracker database system that expands the Business-to-Government reporting to include documents to support claims on the UST Cleanup Fund. Documents can be submitted to support new Claim Applications, to supplement existing claims, or to back up Reimbursement Requests. Hard copy submittal of some documents may also be required. Please refer to the User Guides below for step-by-step details regarding all document submittals.

Cleanup Fund (CUF) Documents

The CUF Documents online portal allows electronic uploads of UST Cleanup Fund forms and documents (such as the Conditions of Payment form, Proof of Payment Certification form, etc.). Instructions on how to upload and submit can be found below. (Please note: There are some forms that require a wet signature and will also need to be mailed in).


Cleanup Fund (CUF) Invoices

The CUF Invoices online portal allows claimants to submit Reimbursement Requests (RRs) by entering invoice data into a spreadsheet, and uploading the data to GeoTracker. By using the CUF Invoicing portal, processing time for RR packages is greatly decreased, and claimants can view the status of their submissions in real-time. Below are the instructions, templates, and frequently asked questions on uploading electronic invoices.



Instructions and Template


Claim Applications

As of October 6, 2014, the UST Cleanup Fund is accepting claim applications electronically through the CUF Documents portal on the GeoTracker website. Below are the Claim Application, Instructions, and User Guide. (Please note: Claim Application being submitted as a hard copy will also need to be prepared using the Claim Application Instructions).


General Information

The following is general information on how to access GeoTracker and prepare information for submitting electronically to the UST Cleanup Fund.