Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (USTCF)


Once the claim is determined eligible and funding is available, a Letter of Commitment (LOC) is issued. The claimant will receive a copy of the LOC and a reimbursement request package. This package will include information and forms that are needed to complete the reimbursement request. The Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (Fund) reimburses eligible corrective action costs paid or incurred for cleanup work performed after January 1, 1988, that was the result of an unauthorized release of petroleum from a underground storage tank (UST) that caused contamination of soil and/or groundwater. Corrective action costs include preliminary site assessment, soil and water investigations, corrective action implementation and verification monitoring after the cleanup is completed. The Fund does not cover the removal, repair, retrofit or installation of USTs. Funds are disbursed only after costs are actually incurred.

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