Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund - Statutes, Regulations, & Board Decisions



Board Decisions

Below is a brief listing of the most commonly referenced decisions issued by the State Water Resources Control Board relating to the UST Cleanup Fund. For a complete listing of State Water Board Resolutions, Orders, and Decisions visit: State Water Board Resolutions, Orders, and Decisions.

WQ93-1-UST Lloyd Properties
WQ93-2-UST Bruno Scherrer Corporation
96-04 Champion/LBS Assoc. Dev. Co.
97-06-UST Quaker State Corporation
WQO 98-05-UST Cupertino Electric
WQO 98-06-UST Bruce DeMenno Petition
99-02-UST Hollis Rodgers and Emily Van Nuys Trust, J. Benton Van Nuys Trust, and Kate Van Nuys Page Trust
2000-06-UST Lake Publishing Company
2004-0015-UST Murray Kelsoe
2007-0011-EXEC Murray Kelsoe

Documents for Public Comment

Public comments are being accepted for specific UST cases that are being considered for closure. For a listing of these cases, visit the Proposed Closure of UST Cases webpage.

In addition, the State Water Board accepts public comment on a variety of other topics. For a listing of items that are open for public comment, visit the Documents for Public Comment webpage.