Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund - Statutes, Regulations, & Board Decisions


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Single-walled underground storage tanks (USTs) must be permanently closed by December 31, 2025. This requirement includes both single-walled tanks and nonexempt single-walled piping per California Health and Safety Code, chapter 6.7, section 25292.05. Single-walled UST systems that are not permanently closed by December 31, 2025 will be out of compliance and cannot be operated. Owners and/or operators will be subject to enforcement actions, including affixing red tags and pursuing civil penalties beginning January 1, 2026. For more information, please see the following Single Walled webpage.



Board Decisions

Below is a brief listing of the most commonly referenced decisions issued by the State Water Resources Control Board relating to the UST Cleanup Fund. For a complete listing of State Water Board Resolutions, Orders, and Decisions visit: State Water Board Resolutions, Orders, and Decisions.

WQ93-1-UST Lloyd Properties
WQ93-2-UST Bruno Scherrer Corporation
96-04 Champion/LBS Assoc. Dev. Co.
97-06-UST Quaker State Corporation
WQO 98-05-UST Cupertino Electric
WQO 98-06-UST Bruce DeMenno Petition
99-02-UST Hollis Rodgers and Emily Van Nuys Trust, J. Benton Van Nuys Trust, and Kate Van Nuys Page Trust
2000-06-UST Lake Publishing Company
2004-0015-UST Murray Kelsoe
2007-0011-EXEC Murray Kelsoe

Documents for Public Comment

Public comments are being accepted for specific UST cases that are being considered for closure. For a listing of these cases, visit the Proposed Closure of UST Cases webpage.

In addition, the State Water Board accepts public comment on a variety of other topics. For a listing of items that are open for public comment, visit the Documents for Public Comment webpage.