Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund - ECAP Success Story

Claim 16618  - L. BOCCI & SONS INC


Site: L. Bocci & Sons Inc. (T0608194016)
Address: 7778 Mission, Colma, San Mateo County
CUF Priority Assigned: B
CUF Amount Paid: $641,196
Years Open Prior to ECAP: 19
ECAP Start Date: 2/12/2019
Case Closed: 10/4/2021


  Impediments to Closure Prior to ECAP

  • Groundwater Criteria - Not Met
  • Petroleum Vapor Intrusion to Indoor Air - Not Met
  • Direct Contact and Outdoor Air Exposure - Met
  • General Criteria - Not Met

  Impediments to Closure After CSM/JET Meetings

  • Groundwater Criteria - Met
  • Petroleum Vapor Intrusion to Indoor Air - Not Met
  • Direct Contact and Outdoor Air Exposure - Met
  • General Criteria - Not Met
    Active Notice of Violation (NOV)

  Case Overview

This Site is currently developed as a cemetery monument and memorial fabrication business which used a UST.  An unauthorized release was reported in December 2000 following the removal of one gasoline UST.

An unknown amount of contaminated soil was excavated during UST removal in December 2000 to a depth of 6 feet below ground surface (bgs).  Approximately 115 tons of impacted soil were removed to depths ranging from 13 to 15 feet bgs during remedial excavation in the former UST location and disposed offsite in August 2002.  A two-phase extraction (TPE) feasibility test was conducted in October 2019, which reportedly removed approximately 9.4 pounds of total petroleum hydrocarbons as gasoline (TPHg) and 450 gallons of contaminated groundwater.  A second TPE remediation event was conducted in March 2020, which reportedly removed approximately 48 pounds of TPHg and 47,630 gallons of contaminated groundwater. 

Since 2002, seventeen groundwater monitoring wells were installed and regularly monitored. 

  San Mateo County
Local Oversight Program (LOP)

How Did ECAP Help?

  • ECAP staff facilitated a series of meetings to discuss the Low Threat Case Closure Policy (LTCP) and remaining impediments to closure.
  • ECAP staff assisted in establishing vapor intrusion goals and assisted consultant with resolving the Notice of Violation (NOV).
  • ECAP staff helped determine the best remediation technology that would address the Lead Agency’s concern with the General Criteria impediment.
  • ECAP staff assisted in establishing criteria for shutdown of the remediation system.
  • ECAP staff reviewed the Project Execution Plan (PEP) for reasonable and necessary costs to closure.


  • Case brought back into compliance. The NOV was resolved, and Fund staff were able to release payments for Reimbursement Requests (RRs).
  • Collaboration between all parties (Lead Regulatory Agency, Fund Staff, Claimant, and Consultant).
  • Selection of appropriate remediation equipment, remediation well locations, screen depths, and shutdown criteria resulted in cost-effective remediation.
  • After joining ECAP, the case was closed in 983 days (2.7 years).

  Maximum Benzene Concentrations in Groundwater 1990-2019

  Maximum Benzene Concentrations in Groundwater 2019-2021