2024 California Integrated Report

For the 2024 California Integrated Report, data from waterbodies in the San Francisco Bay, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles Regional Water Boards were assessed as “on-cycle” Assessments. Data from waterbodies in the Central Valley Regional Water Board were assessed as “off-cycle” assessments for waters within the Sacramento River sub-area. The Sacramento River sub-area is defined as the Sacramento River watershed. It includes the mainstem of the Sacramento River above the legal boundary of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and all surface waters tributary to the mainstem. Additionally, data from waterbodies within the Central Coast and San Diego Regional Water Boards are assessed as “off cycle” assessments.

Project Timeline

February 16, 2023 February 16 -April 3, 2023 March 21, 2023 January 4, 2024 February 6, 2024 Spring 2024
Draft Staff Report release Public Review and Comment Period Hearing on the proposed statewide 303(d) List Release of Revised Staff Report and Response to Comments State Board Meeting to consider adoption Submittal to U.S. EPA

Notices and Draft Staff Report - February 16, 2023