Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Project No. 2106

Project Name: McCloud-Pit Hydroelectric Project

Pit6 Facility on Pit River

Pit 6 Facility on Pit River
Photo provided by State Water Board staff

Applicant: Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)
County: Shasta
License Expiration Date: July 31, 2011
Water Quality Certification Status: Issued November 8, 2019
Waterbodies: McCloud and Pit Rivers
FERC Licensing Process: Traditional Licensing Process

Project Description:
The McCloud-Pit Hydroelectric Project (Project) is located on the McCloud and Pit Rivers in Shasta County, California.  The 368-megawatts Project consists of three power-generating developments.  These developments collectively include two storage reservoirs (McCloud and Iron Canyon), two regulating reservoirs (Pit 6 and Pit 7), one afterbay (Pit 7), three powerhouses (James B. Black, Pit 6, and Pit 7), five dams (Pit 6, Pit 7, Pit 7 afterbay, Iron Canyon and McCloud), two tunnels, and associated equipment and transmission facilities.  The average annual energy generated from 1979 through 2004 for the James B. Black, Pit 6, and Pit 7 powerhouses is 656.3, 373.8, and 512.1 gigawatt-hours, respectively.  The majority of Project lands are managed by the United States Forest Service.  The Project also occupies land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, as well as land owned by PG&E and other private landholders.

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