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The Central Coast Water Board regulates discharges from irrigated agricultural lands to protect surface water and groundwater using Order No. R3-2021-0040, General Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands (also known as the Agricultural Order), that applies to owners and operators of irrigated land used for commercial crop production. The Central Coast Water Board is focusing on priority water quality issues, such as pesticides and toxicity, nutrients, and sediments – especially nitrate impacts to drinking water sources. Staff is prioritizing efforts in the major agricultural areas of the region - the Salinas River, Santa Maria, and Pajaro River watersheds.


  • Upcoming workshops in December about Agricultural Order requirements. Próximos talleres en diciembre sobre los requisitos de la Orden Agrícola. (11/04/2022)
  • Individual and third-party program surface receiving water quality trends work plans due July 1, 2022. (5/20/2022)
  • Year 2022 on-farm domestic and primary irrigation well monitoring must be completed between March 1 and May 31. If you have not yet arranged for well sampling with a qualified service provider, please do so immediately. For information on assistance with well monitoring, additional available services, and how to become a third-party member, visit Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc.’s website at (3/24/2022)
  • Year 2021 TNA reports were due by March 1, 2022 for required ranches. If your ranch was required and you have not yet submitted your report please do so immediately. (3/10/2022)
  • Year 2021 ACF reports were due by March 1, 2022 for all ranches. If you have not yet submitted your report please do so immediately. (3/10/2022)
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Irrigated Lands Program FAQs:

The central coast region represents about:

  • 7.2 million acres of land
  • 540,000 acres irrigated land
  • 3,000 agricultural operations
  • 17,000 miles of surface waters (linear streams/rivers)
  • 4,000 square miles of groundwater basins
  • 86% of water supply derived from groundwater (most dependent out of all nine hydrologic regions in the state)