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Drinking Water Well Monitoring

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Drinking Water Well Monitoring is Required.
High levels of nitrate found in drinking water wells impact public health. Excess nitrate (NO3) in soil is often found in rural and agricultural areas. The most common sources of nitrate are fertilizer, livestock waste, and septic systems. Nitrate in soil is highly mobile and can be easily transported to groundwater.

The purpose of this monitoring is to identify drinking water wells that have nitrate concentrations exceeding the drinking water standard and notify well users of the potential for human health risks.

Beginning 1 January 2019, East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition members were required to monitor drinking water wells on enrolled parcels for nitrate. All coalitions will be required to begin monitoring as follows:

  • January 2020
    • Tulare Lake Basin Coalitions
  • January 2021
    • Westside San Joaquin
    • San Joaquin & Delta
    • Grassland Drainage Area
  • January 2022
    • Sacramento Valley
    • California Rice Commission
    • Western Tulare Lake Basin

Outreach & Guides for Drinking Water Well Monitoring

Information regarding the drinking water well (DWW) sampling requirements for Coalition Members.

Drinking Water Well Monitoring Forms & Templates

Under the Waste Discharge Requirements for Growers in Coalition Groups, coalition members are required to sample their drinking water wells (beginning at each designated date).

  • Drinking Water Member Information Form
    This is required form to obtain a GeoTracker account - Please submit to ELAP Laboratory with sample(s)

  • Drinking Water Notification Template
    (en Español | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ | Hmoob)
    This form is required to be signed, provided to well users, and mailed to the Central Valley Water Board's Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program if your sample result for nitrate + nitrite as nitrogen exceeded the drinking water standard of 10mg/L. If you or your family are the only users, and you answered "yes" to question 1j on the Drinking Water Member Information Form, your notification requirements has been fulfilled.

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