Press Releases/Media Advisories – 2019

City of Hollister Will Pay $181,110 for Illegal Discharge Caused by Wastewater Collection System Failure 12/19/2019 Region 3 / Water Quality
Launch of Kettleman City’s New Water Treatment Facility Makes Arsenic Struggle a Thing of the Past 12/18/2019 Drinking Water
Central Coast Water Board Appoints Matt Keeling to Executive Officer 12/18/2019 Region 3
New Advisory Group Selected to Help Focus Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Funding Efforts 12/11/2019 Drinking Water
State Water Board Adopts 2019 Ocean Plan Review that Ranks Important Water Quality Issues 12/03/2019 Water Quality
State Water Board Approves Last of 13 Grants Totaling $367 Million for Groundwater Protection 11/19/2019 Water Quality
State Water Board Streamlines Permitting Process for Diversions of Floodwater and Other High Flows to Support Groundwater Sustainability 11/14/2019 Water Rights
State Water Board Approves Central Valley Water Board Plan to Reduce Nitrate Contamination in Groundwater and Provide Replacement Drinking Water 10/16/2019 Water Quality
Harmful Algal Bloom Update: Use Caution at Big Bear Lake 10/14/2019 Water Quality
Statewide Well Test Results for Contaminants PFOA and PFOS Now Available Through Web-based Maps 10/14/2019 Drinking Water
Study Indicates Oilfield Activities Have Increased Groundwater Salinity in Western Kern County 09/23/2019 Water Quality
Rocklin Developer Agrees to $153,000 Settlement in Environmental Threats to Nearby Ravine 09/19/2019 Region 5 / Enforcement
State Water Board Selects Alan Lilly as First Administrative Hearings Officer for Specified Water Rights Proceedings 09/18/2019 State Water Board
State Water Board Adopts Order Protecting Endangered Steelhead and Senior Water Right Holders Impacted by the Cachuma Reservoir Project 09/17/2019 Water Rights
State Water Board Appointee Laurel Firestone Confirmed by State Senate 09/05/2019 State Water Board
State Water Board Appointee Sean Maguire Confirmed by State Senate 09/05/2019 State Water Board
Harmful Algal Blooms Identified at Big Bear Lake Visitors Advised to Avoid Water Contact and Keep Dogs From Swimming 08/30/2019 Region 8 / Water Quality
Water Boards Ramp Up Testing For Harmful Algal Blooms, Waterways Targeted Statewide Ahead of Busy Labor Day Weekend 08/29/2019 Water Quality
Hospitality Company Fined $11,990 for Violating Construction Permit and Unlawfully Discharging to Carbonera Creek 08/29/2019 Region 3 / Enforcement
State Water Board Updates Guidelines for Testing and Reporting PFOA and PFOS As It Assesses Scope of Problem 08/23/2019 Drinking Water
State Water Board Authorizes Nearly Quarter Billion Dollars to Provide Safe and Affordable Drinking Water
[Audio transcript of Aug. 19, 2019, Media Briefing on Safe Drinking Water Program]
08/20/2019 Drinking Water
Free Well Testing Program Expands to San Benito County 08/14/2019 Region 3 / Water Quality
State Water Board Revokes Water Right License for Failure to Report Annual Diversions 08/07/2019 Water Rights
$3.7 Million Settlement Reached Following Multi-agency Probe of Vineyard Development that Threatened Mendocino County Watersheds 08/02/2019 Water Rights/Water Quality
Harmful Algal Bloom Triggers Public Health Alerts for Copco and Iron Gate Reservoirs 07/31/2019 Region 1 / Water Quality
Caution Urged After Harmful Algal Bloom Detected in Stanislaus River 07/26/2019 Water Quality
Governor Newsom Signs Bill Creating Safe Drinking Water Fund 07/24/2019 Drinking Water
Harmful Algal Bloom Confirmed in Black Butte Lake Public Urged to Exercise Caution 06/13/2019 Water Quality
Glenn County Gravel Mining Operation Receives $675,000 Penalty For Water Quality Violations 06/13/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
Ten Public Agencies Are Ordered to Investigate their Systems for Discharges of Human Waste into the Lower San Diego River 06/12/2019 Region 9 / Water Quality
$325,000 Settlement Reached In Illegal Land Development For Cannabis Cultivators 06/12/2019 Region 1 / Water Quality
Cease and Desist Order Issued for Oil Field Wastewater Disposal Facility in Kern County to Ensure Greater Groundwater Protections 06/07/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
$30 Million State Water Board Funding to Help Palo Alto with Climate-Friendly Sewage Plant Upgrades 06/05/2019 Region 2 / Water Quality
Start of Outdoor Water Recreation Season Means Being Aware of E. coli in Rivers and Lakes 05/23/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
Make It a Habit and Be Mindful Of HABs – Harmful Algal Blooms 05/23/2019 Water Quality
State Water Board Grant and Loan Funds Arvin Project to Resolve Arsenic Contamination in Drinking Water 05/16/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
Carlsbad Desalination Plant Updated Permit Approved by San Diego Water Board 05/08/2019 Region 9 / Water Quality
Water Board Updates Nutrient Regulations to Protect San Francisco Bay Watershed 05/08/2019 Region 2 / Water Quality
Concentrations of Some Pollutants Increasing in Streams Following Camp Fire 04/24/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
Los Angeles Regional Water Board Names Renee Purdy As Executive Officer 04/18/2019 Region 4
Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Consultant GSA Engineering Settles with State over Fraud Allegations 04/11/2019 Water Quality Enforcement
California Water Board Adopts Statewide Wetland Definition and Procedures 04/02/2019 Water Quality
Azad Amiri and Sarbjit S. Kang Conditionally Banned from Owning or Operating Underground Storage Tank Facilities in California 03/15/2019 Region 6 / Enforcement
Lahontan Water Board Accepts Lake Tahoe Nearshore Plan 03/14/2019 Region 6 / Water Quality
Lahontan Water Board Receives $4.6 Million Grant to Investigate Perchloroethylene (PCE) Contamination in South Lake Tahoe’s Groundwater 03/13/2019 Region 6
$6 Million Settlement Reached With Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for Underground Storage Tank Violations 03/11/2019 Region 4 / Enforcement
Washoe Fuels of Quincy Fined After Long-term Neglect Harms Town’s Water Supply 03/07/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
State Water Board and Five Partner Agencies to Host Infrastructure Funding Fairs 03/07/2019 Water Quality Infrastructure Funding
Shasta County Property Owners Fined $150,000 for Water Quality Violations at Cannabis Grow Site 02/21/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality Enforcement
Former Shasta County Property Owner Fined $83,000 for Water Quality Violations at Cannabis Grow Site 02/21/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality Enforcement
Elevated Concentrations of Some Pollutants Persist in Streams Following Camp Fire 02/15/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
State Water Board Updates Cannabis Cultivation Policy to Protect Waterways as Industry Undergoes Rapid Expansion 02/05/2019 Water Quality
Multiple Offender Hayden Environmental Inc. Barred from Work on Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Program 01/31/2019 Region 3 / Water Quality Enforcement
Central Valley Agricultural Water Coalitions Agree To Provide Safe Drinking Water To Those Dependent on Contaminated Wells 01/29/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality Enforcement
Central Coast Water Board Reaches Settlement with Guggia Farms Over Reporting Violations 01/24/2019 Region 3 / Water Quality
Water Boards Announce New Statewide Paid Internship Program 01/23/2019 Human Resources
Contamination Found in Streams Following Camp Fire 01/18/2019 Region 5 / Water Quality
Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Consultant SOMA Environmental Settles with State over Fraud Allegations 01/18/2019 Water Quality
City of Glendale to Pay $653,000 for Underground Storage Tank Violations 01/14/2019 Water Quality
State Water Board’s 2019 Citizen Monitoring Calendar Alerts Public to Key Clean Water Action Days 01/08/2019 Water Quality
Draft Procedures to Protect Environmentally Sensitive Waterways from Dredge and Fill Activities now Available 01/03/2019 Water Quality