Data and Databases - Facilities


This topic provides links to information about facilities regulated by the Water Board, including facilities that divert from or discharge to surface water, facilities that impact groundwater quality, and drinking water facilities.

Surface Water Regulatory Data

Facility at a Glance
This report allows users to view a wide range of information regarding a specific facility on one screen. This includes owner, violations, inspections, and orders and other regulatory measures issued to a facility. For assistance, please contact the CIWQS Help Center at or (866)792-4977.

Interactive Regulated Facilities Report
This report allows the user to display information by city, county, or region. The user can select a program, agency type, and permit status. They are then shown a summary table based on their criteria, which enables them to drill down for more information. For assistance, please contact the CIWQS Help Center at or 866-792-4977.

Electronic Water Rights Information Management System (eWRIMS) Database
The eWRIMS Database System provides information about water rights throughout California. It includes information on Statements of Water Diversion and Use that have been filed by water diverters, as well as registrations, certificates, and water right permits and licenses that have been issued by the State Water Resources Control Board and its predecessors. You can search for water rights by several criteria, including the water right owner's name, watershed, stream system, and county. In addition, the eWRIMS Web Mapping Application provides the spatial location of water rights throughout California. For assistance please visit the eWRIMS Help Center, or contact the Division of Water Rights at 916-341-5300 or

Groundwater Regulatory Data

Cleanup Sites By County (GeoTracker)
GeoTracker is a data management system for managing sites that impact groundwater, especially those that require groundwater cleanup (Underground Storage Tanks, Department of Defense, Site Cleanup Program) as well as permitted facilities such as operating USTs and land disposal sites. It includes portals to retrieve records and view integrated data sets from multiple State Water Board programs and other agencies through a Google maps GIS interface, and provides most of the public record for a site (including regulatory communication with responsible parties, regulatory actions such as records of decision documents, and all data and documents submitted by the responsible party) through its Document Manager Module. For general assistance in searching or utilizing the GeoTracker database, please contact the GeoTracker Help Desk at or 866-480-1028.

Drinking Water Regulatory Data

Drinking Water Program Repository
This page provides links to download flat files (CSV files and Excel workbooks) containing data covering a number of categories within the drinking water program, including a list of active public water systems (including contact, location, water source, and type), annual reports from public water systems, recent conservation reports for small water suppliers and urban water suppliers, and drinking water quality results from 2013 to present. For assistance, please contact the DRINC portal administrator at