eWRIMS – Electronic Water Rights Information Management System

The Electronic Water Rights Information Management System (eWRIMS) is a computer database developed by the State Water Resources Control Board to track information on water rights in California. eWRIMS contains information on Statements of Water Diversion and Use that have been filed by water diverters, as well as registrations, certificates, and water right permits and licenses that have been issued by the State Water Resources Control Board and its predecessors.

eWRIMS Database (View Water Rights)

The eWRIMS Database System provides information about water rights throughout California. You can search for water rights by several criteria, including the water right owner's name, watershed, stream system, and county.

The eWRIMS Web Mapping Application provides the spatial location of water rights throughout California. Using a Geographic Information System (GIS), you can search search for the location of water rights by visually displaying the location of point(s) of diversion on a map or aerial photograph. If you find water rights using this method, you can use the eWRIMS Database System (above) to search for information about the water rights.

eWRIMS Report Management System (RMS)

The eWRIMS Report Management System (RMS) is used by water right holders to submit the reports required as a result of their diversion and use of water. Six types of water use reports are supported by the system:

  1. Annual Notice of Groundwater Extraction and Diversion
  2. Progress Report by Permittee
  3. Report of Licensee
  4. Report of Registrant
  5. Report of Stockpond
  6. Supplemental Statement of Water Diversion and Use

eWRIMS Help Center

  Review this guide to understand how to use eWRIMS.

For questions, please contact the Division of Water Rights at (916) 341-5431 or ewrims@waterboards.ca.gov.

eWRIMS Background and Development

  • Public Outreach Presentation - September 2007
  • September 17, 2007, Notice of Public Workshops - A Staff Workshop to Communicate with Water Right Stakeholders was held regarding the deployment of the newly developed Electronic Water Rights Information Management System (eWRIMS).
  • Public comments and feedback regarding eWRIMS
  • November 3, 2006, - Staff Workshop Presentation
  • October 17, 2006, Notice of Public Workshop - The State Water Board’s  Division of Water Rights held a staff workshop regarding the development of eWRIMS, a new water rights software program in the early developmental stages.  Division staff members and consultants assigned to the eWRIMS project were present to answer questions and receive feedback regarding what information and features the stakeholders desired to include in the system.
  • Approved Feasibility Study Report
  • Contact Us About Issues Tracking System - Complete this form for any questions about the eWRIMS system.


The State Water Board has attempted to verify that data in the database is correct. However, some data errors still exist. If you find a data error, please send us an email with the record identification number, and a description of the error. If you know the correct data, please provide that information also. Thank you!

The State Water Board is maintaining this web site as a public service. The State Water Board strives to ensure that all technical data and other information made available to the public through this web site is accurate, complete and in conformance with the California Public Records Act. Neither the State Water Board nor the State of California, however, assumes any legal responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Persons using information from this site for official purposes, or other purposes, for which accuracy and completeness are required, are hereby notified that they should first verify the information with the public records or other primary sources from which the information was obtained.

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