Data and Databases - Water Conservation

Water Conservation

This topic includes data about residential water use and the outcomes of water conservation standards implemented by the State Water Board.

Water Conservation Reporting

Monthly Conservation Reporting Archive
This page provides links Excel workbooks containing urban water supplier reports and cumulative savings and compliance datasets, which are updated monthly. Scroll to the heading labeled ‘Monthly Reporting Archive’ and click on the most recent month to download the most recent dataset.

Drinking Water Program Repository
This page provides links to download flat files (CSV files and Excel workbooks) containing data covering a number of categories within the drinking water program, including conservation reports for small water suppliers and urban water suppliers. For assistance, please contact the DRINC portal administrator at

Water Supplier Information

Urban Water Supplier Conservation Tiers (Excel)
This spreadsheet lists the conservation standard assigned to each urban water supplier (suppliers serving more than 3,000 connections) as part of the Water Board’s emergency regulation to address specific provisions in Governor Brown’s April 1, 2015 Executive Order, which included a mandatory 25 percent statewide reduction in potable urban water use between June 2015 and February 2016. More information is available in the fact sheets about implementing the emergency regulation and assessing compliance with the conservation standards.

Water Supplier Lookup Tool
This map-based tool can be used to determine who the water supplier is for a certain area. The water supplier boundaries are based on information provided directly by participating water suppliers via the California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Systems Geographic Reporting Tool.