San Diego Region - Downtown Anchorage TMDL


Sediments in San Diego Bay in the vicinity of Downtown Anchorage are contaminated with anthropogenic chemicals. In addition, this site contains a degraded benthic macroinvertebrate community, and samples from this area have demonstrated to be toxic to marine invertebrate species in laboratory toxicity tests. As a consequence, this site has been identified as an area of impaired water quality. In response to this contamination, the Regional Board has initiated efforts to develop a TMDL for this site.

Public Participation

Public participation is an important part of the TMDL process and is encouraged. To receive updates on the Downtown Anchorage TMDL, please either 1) subscribe to our electronic mailing list as described below; or 2) send us a request to have information sent to you via U. S. Mail as described below. You may also obtain information at your convenience from our Website or by appointment at the San Diego Regional Board office. New and updated information may frequently become available throughout the review process.

Public Documents

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Date Description
Notice of Public Workshop and CEQA Scoping Meeting on April 21, 2003
Electronic Mail List Subscription Form
U.S. Mail List Subscription Form
Phase I Final Report
Phase I Supplemental
Phase II Final Report
Phase II Appendices

For Additional Information

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