California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

When to Report Repairs and New USTs (October 20, 2014)

When should you make a submittal in CERS to report repairs or a new UST?


New Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

Until hazardous materials are added to a UST, there is no legal requirement for a business to report the tank in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). Therefore, the installation is not a reportable action in CERS. Unified Program Agencies (UPAs) may not require a CERS UST submittal for the new tank as a condition for a permit to install a new UST.

UPAs will require installation permits be obtained prior to beginning any installation. The UPA may additionally require the business to electronically report to CERS updated Facility Information, Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement and UST submittal elements as a condition to authorize the introduction of hazardous materials into the new UST.

Contact your local UPA for more information. To locate your UPA use the CalEPA Unified Program Directory.

Repairs and Modifications to Existing Underground Storage Tanks

Permits may be required from the UPA for a repair or modification to an existing UST. Any changes to your UST system must be reported to CERS by making a new UST submittal once the changes have been made. Your UPA may require that this information be reported prior to placing the tank system back into service. If not, the State Water Resources Control Board recommends that at a minimum, updated information be reported to CERS within 30 days. Contact your UPA for specifics.

Businesses should not make a submittal nor should UPAs require submittal to CERS prior to performing work as the information in CERS would be false until the work is actually completed.