California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

How to Report Tank Contents (October 20, 2014)

How should I report tank contents?

Answer: This FAQ presumes that your tank contains regulated materials. Contact your local agency for more information. Use the directory of local agencies if you are unsure of who to contact.

The section for reporting tank contents is in the ‘UST Tank Information/Monitoring Plan’ section. Open this section and scroll down to the ‘Tank Contents’ subsection.

Screenshot of where to find the section for reporting tank contents which is located in the ‘UST Tank Information/Monitoring Plan’ section

Screenshot of ‘Tank Contents’ sub section

A number of questions have been raised about ethanol containing gasoline, biodiesel, and used/waste transmission fluid. The following table indicates the correct tank contents to select:


Screenshot of Reporting Recommendations for Specified Tank Contents

What about a non-regulated substance in a compartmented UST?

Answer: When an UST (or compartment) in a compartmented tank contains an unregulated substance, report the compartment(s) with the regulated substances as UST(s) and add a comment in the “Additional Description” field (Field 438) for the unregulated substance tank(s) “other compartment contains xxx, an unregulated substance”.