California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

Discarding Previously Closed Tanks from Future UST Submittals (March 3, 2021)

Question: Should closed/removed tanks continue to be reported on all UST submittals?

Answer:No. Use the process below to discard closed/removed tanks from future submittals Use the CERS Split Facility Feature.

When a tank is permanently closed in place or removed a CERS UST submittal is necessary to report the closure/removal. This submittal must include the correct Type of Action, either permanent closure in place or removal, and must include the Date of Closure/Removal. Once this submittal has been accepted by the CUPA it is no longer necessary to continue to include the closed tank in future UST submittals.


Important notes:

  • Do not discard a tank record for a closed or removed tank before the CUPA has accepted a tank closure submittal.
  • NEVER discard a tank record for an active or temporarily closed tank.

On the next UST submittal after the submittal reporting the closure has been accepted by the CUPA, use the discard feature to remove the closed tank(s) from all future UST submittals. CERS will retain the closure data permanently even though the subsequent UST submittals will no longer reference the closed tank(s).

In this screenshot you can see this facility has been reporting two tanks. Selecting the ‘Discard’ button for Tank ID # 1 will remove this tank from future submittals.

Screenshot of Underground Storge Tanks

After selecting the ‘Discard’ button CERS provides a warning sign that requires your confirmation that you do indeed wish to discard this tank and its’ related data from future UST submittals. Selecting the ‘Discard’ button on this screen confirms and completes the process.

Screenshot of Discard Resource Confirmation’

After discarding CERS returns to the Underground Tanks screen where you can see that tank ID # 1 is no longer included in the submittal process. Continue the process to complete the UST submittal for the remaining active or temporarily closed tanks.

Screenshot of Discard Resource Confirmation’