California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

How to Report Multi-Day Inspections in CERS (March 12, 2015)

Question: How should Multi-Day Inspections be reported in CERS?

Answer: Multi-day inspections, even those that take weeks or months for very large campus-type facilities should be reported as one inspection regardless of the number of days needed to complete the inspection. The term multi-day inspection in this FAQ refers to the number of days it takes to complete an initial routine inspection, or to complete one ‘other’ inspection. This term does not include re inspections to determine return to compliance or follow up inspections such as installation inspections that occur as a project progresses.

Violation dates reported in CERS may not be the same date as the inspection date reported in CERS as violations may be observed at any time during a multi-day inspection. If appropriate, a comment may be entered referring the reader to the full inspection record maintained by the UPA for more details.

For reporting in CERS, enter the starting date of the inspection in the ‘Inspection Date’ field as shown below. CalEPA does not require it but if an inspection end date is desired, use the comment field.

Screenshot of reporting in CERS the starting date of the inspection in the ‘Inspection Date’ field

Enter the Violations, if any:

Screenshot of where to enter violations, if any

Enter the date the violation was observed:

Screenshot of entering the date the violation was obsereved

If the violation date entered is a different calendar year than the date of the inspection a comment may be added that the violation is part of the routine inspection that started xx/xx/xxxx.