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Electronic Submittal of Information (ESI) - What is GeoTracker? Where do I Start?

What is GeoTracker? Where do I Start?


1.1 Description

GeoTracker is a database and geographic information system (GIS) that provides online access to environmental data. It tracks regulatory data about Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) cleanup sites (also known as Leaking Underground Fuel Tank (LUFT) sites); Cleanup Program Sites (CPS)(also known as Site Cleanup (SC) and formerly known as Spills-Leaks-Investigations-Cleanups (SLIC) sites); Military sites (includes Military Cleanup sites (formerly known as DOD-Non UST), Military UST sites, and Military Privatized sites); Land Disposal sites (Landfills); Waste Discharge Requirement permits (WDR), Agland (AGL) sites participating in the Irrigated Agricultural Land Waiver via an electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI), and Permitted Underground Storage Tank (UST) facilities (note: GeoTracker's Permitted UST data is no longer up-to-date. Permitted UST data is now being stored and maintained in Cal EPA's CERS (California Environmental Reporting System) http://cers.calepa.ca.gov/ ). The GeoTracker database also contains public drinking water well information furnished by the SWRCB's Department of Drinking Water (DDW) (formerly under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH)), although currently that information is only available to regulators (due to security reasons, locations of the public drinking water wells are hidden from unauthorized users). GeoTracker uses customized pages and data management tools based on commercially available software to provide users access to site information and data over the Internet and to view site locations on a map display. GeoTracker has public as well as secure sections.

1.2 Creating a Secure Geotracker ESI Account and Logging in for the First Time

GeoTracker requires a USERNAME and PASSWORD (the username/password pair is sometimes referred to as your "login") to gain access to the secure ESI section of GeoTracker in order to obtain upload access to sites/facilities so you can upload data and reports. If you are a Responsible Party( RP), Authorized RP Agent, Contractor, or Laboratory, you can obtain a Username/Password by going to our public ESI webpage at http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/ust/electronic_submittal/index.shtml and following these steps.

  • Scroll down to "Getting Started."
  • Click on "Login or Request a Password." (This will take you to the GeoTracker LOGIN PAGE) Click on "Password Request."
  • Complete the online form (be sure to choose the applicable "User Type"). Note that the Username is not case sensitive and the password IS case sensitive and must be at least 7 characters.
  • Once you have completed and successfully submitted the online form, a verification email will immediately be sent to you containing a link that you must click on to verify your email address. If you do not receive the email, check your "spam" folder. If it is not in your spam folder, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. Contact the Geotracker Help Desk for assistance. After you click on the verification link in the email, the ESI login page will appear and you can login to your new account for the first time.
  • Since you will not have uploaded any submittals yet using that account, it is not possible for you to have any "denied" submittals and you will be greeted with the "RECENTLY DENIED SUBMITTALS" screen telling you that "NO SUBMITTALS FOUND USING THE ABOVE SEARCH PARAMETERS."
  • If you already know the Global ID that you need to upload to and you are either an RP or Authorized RP Agent, you can begin the process of "claiming" that Global ID by scrolling down the left side of the page to "Facility Management" and clicking on "Request Additional Facilities." Type (or paste) the Global ID into the "Global ID" box (Global ID is case sensitive!) and click on "Search." If the Global ID is a valid one and is entered correctly, the facility should appear in the "Search Results." Click in the checkbox directly to the left of the Global ID (not to the left of the words "GLOBAL ID", but to left of the actual Global ID) to place a checkmark in it and then click on "Request Checked Facilities." Immediately after you request a Global ID, Authorized RP Agents will see a message instructing them to upload the Auth RP Form - click on "OK", a message will appear telling you that "Your request was successful.", be sure to read the portion of the message pertaining to your specific user type. Once your request has been approved, the site will move from your "Pending Facilities" to your "Associated Facilities" and you can begin uploading to it. Note: If you are a Contractor or Laboratory and know for sure that your RP or Authorized RP Agent client has already "claimed" the Global ID that you need to upload to, you can follow the same steps described above to request access to the Global ID, otherwise you will need to wait until they have "claimed" it.
  • Note that you can use the same account to upload to any number of Global IDs. You can also have more than one account of the same user type, but it is recommended that you keep the number to a minimum to make it easier to manage your accounts. You can also have Geotracker accounts of different user types. For example, a consultant may have some RP clients who prefer not to create their own RP Geotracker account. For those clients, the consultant would act as their Authorized RP Agent. Alternatively, a consultant may have other clients (typically larger clients with multiple facilities) that DO want to have their own account as RP so they can actively be involved online in overseeing/managing their consultant(s). In that case, the consultants working for the RP would normally be acting as Geotracker Contractors. If you choose to have more than one account, each account should have a different username.

1.3 What is Meant by the Term "LOGIN"?

The term "LOGIN" refers to the Username/Password pair that you use to log into a secure section of GeoTracker.

1.4 What and Where is the Secure ESI "LOGIN PAGE"?

The LOGIN PAGE is the webpage where an ESI user (i.e. non-regulator) enters their Username/Password to gain access to the secure ESI portion of GeoTracker. The LOGIN PAGE is also where new and existing ESI users can create a new account by clicking on "Password Request," and where existing users who have forgotten their username and/or password can request a password reset email by clicking on the word "emailed" and entering the email address associated with their Geotracker account(s). If the email address associated with your account is no longer valid or you aren't sure what it is, contact the Geotracker Help Desk (email: geotracker@waterboards.ca.gov or phone 1-866-480-1028). The password reset email you will receive will contain your username and a link you can click on to create a new password. If more than one account is associated with an email address, the password reset email will list each username with its own link to create a new password for that account.

The LOGIN PAGE for ESI users (non-regulators) can be reached by going to our Electronic Submittal of Information (ESI) webpage at http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/ust/electronic_submittal/index.shtml and scrolling down to "Getting Started" and clicking on "Login or Request a Password." The login page can also be reached by just typing "geotracker.waterboards.ca.gov/esi" in your browser's address window and clicking on your keyboard's "Enter" button.

1.5 How do I Change the Information for my Existing Secure ESI Account?

You can change your password yourself by clicking on "emailed" as described above in FAQ 1.4. To change your username or contact information, please contact the Geotracker Help Desk (email: geotracker@waterboards.ca.gov or phone 1-866-480-1028).