UST Program – Obsolete or Outdated Local Guidance (LG) Letters

Number Title
LG 1
Implementation of Underground Tank Legislation [Registration Program]
LG 2
Bulletin #1 [Registration Program]
LG 3
Underground Tank Program: Financial Aspects
LG 4
Underground Tank State and Federal Legal Requirements (historical reference)
LG 5
Permit Information Exchange 
LG 6
Reimbursement for State-Mandated Local Costs (clarification for LG 03) 
LG 7
Hazardous Substance Stored in Containers Included in the Underground Container Inventory
LG 8
Revised Permit from and Instructions 
LG 9
Unauthorized Release (Leak) Report Form 
LG 10
Update on Registration of Underground Hazardous Substance Storage Containers 
LG 11
Containers Exempted From the Underground Tank Surcharge
LG 12
When to Collect State Surcharge
LG 13
Definitions of a Farm and a Sump
LG 14
Hazardous Materials Training Program 
LG 15
Additional Copies of UST Regulations 
LG 16
Environmental Data for Hazardous Substances Found in Gasoline
LG 17
EPA Interim Prohibition: Guidance for Design and Installation of Underground Storage Tanks 
LG 18
Underground Tank Legislation 
LG 19
Tank Owner's Responsibilities
LG 20
Sacramento County - Regulations 
LG 21
Leak Report Form 
LG 22
California Compliance With Federal Underground Storage Tank Notification Requirements
LG 23
Consolidation of Underground Tank Requirements 
LG 24
Fees for Government Owned Underground Tanks 
LG 25
Underground Storage Tank Leak Reporting 
LG 26
Monitoring Requirements for New Motor Vehicle Fuel Tanks 
LG 27
Satellite Broadcast on Federal UST Requirements 
LG 28
Definition of Hazardous Substance
LG 9
Monitoring Requirements for New Motor Vehicle Fuel Tanks
LG 30
Recycling of Hazardous Wastes
LG 31
Facility & Tank Identification Numbers 
LG 32
Underground Storage Tanks Products Survey
LG 33
Single Wall Aspects of Manway Cover/Pipe Fitting Arrangements on Double-Wall USTs 
LG 34
Information on Tank Testing and Installation 
LG 35
Single-wall Aspects of Manway Cover/Pipe Fitting Arrangements on Double-wall Underground Storage Tanks: Supersedes LG-33
LG 36
Refund of State Surcharge
LG 37
Regulation of Liquid Asphalt Tanks 
LG 38
Closure of Underground Tanks 
LG 39
Tank Tester Survey 
LG 40
Deed Notices
LG 41
Sacramento County's Interagency Cooperation
LG 42
EPA Calendars of Hazardous Waste and Groundwater Training 
LG 43
Reporting of Failed Precision Tests
LG 44
Applicability of July 14, 1986 Hazardous Waste Tank Regulations to Underground Storage Tank Program 
LG 45
1986 Legislative Amendments to UST Law 
LG 46
Clarification of Existing Tank Monitoring Alternative 2: Vadose Zone and Ground Water Monitoring
LG 47
Clarification of Evaluation of Tank Test Methods 
LG 49
Computer Listings for Farm Tanks Over 1,100 Gallons 
LG 51
Corrosion Protection for USTs 
LG 52-1
Monitoring Underground Storage Tanks (USTS) Using Manual and Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
LG 53
Fees for Government Owned Underground Storage Tanks
LG 54
Certification of Synthetic Membrane Liners
LG 55
Review of Requirements for Underground Storage Tank Piping 
LG 57
A Review of Vadose Zone Monitoring Techniques
LG 58
Use of Certified Laboratories and Approved Analytical Procedures
LG 59
Revised Underground Storage Tank Unauthorized Release Reporting Form
LG 60-3
Revised Underground Storage Tank Surcharge Remittance Form
LG 61
State Board Comments on Proposed Federal Regulation on Underground Storage Tanks 
LG 62
Exemption for Tanks Operated by Agricultural Pest Control License Holders 
LG 63
Home Heating Fuel Exemption
LG 65
UST Permit Data Base 
LG 66
Effects of Health and Safety Code Changes on Secondary Containment of Piping and Precision Testing
LG 67
Interruption of Grant Payments When Underground Storage Tank Surcharge is not Remitted
LG 68
1987 Legislative Amendments to the Underground Storage Tank Law 
LG 69
Tank Integrity Test (definition and standards) 
LG 70
Policy Regarding the Underground Storage Tank Pilot Program
LG 71
Transmittal of EPA Project Summaries
LG 72
Training for Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Cleanup 
LG 74
Licensing Requirements for Well Drillers
LG 73
Satellite Broadcast Series on Underground Storage Tanks 
LG 75-3
Licensing Requirements for Hazardous Substances Removal and Remedial Action
LG 76
Training on UGT Installation, Inspection, Testing, Monitoring Closure, etc. 
LG 77
Status of Rulemaking Process for Subchapter 16 Regulations 
LG 78
Cortese Registration Data Base Information
LG 79
State Board Comments on Federal UGT Regulations, Financial Responsibility 
LG 80
US Permit Data Maintained on SWEEPS 
LG 81
Continuous Monitoring Requirements on Double-walled Underground Storage Tanks
LG 82
Hazardous Waste Training Programs 
LG 83
Closure and Disposal of Underground Storage Tanks
LG 84
Compliance with Requirement to Submit UST Permit Data to CAEHA 
LG 85
Transmittal of the Federal Underground Storage Tank Regulations Dealing With Technical Requirements and State Program Approval
LG 86
Video on Tank Closure Safety
LG 87
Transmittal of Federal UST Regulations Dealing with Financial Responsibility for Petroleum Tanks 
LG 88
1988 Amendments to Underground Storage Tank Law 
LG 89
New Federal Underground Storage Tank Leak Prevention Requirements 
LG 90
Hazardous Waste Training Programs 
LG 91
Health and Safety Training 
LG 92
New Federal Financial Responsibility Requirements 
LG 93
UST Training Seminars and Conferences 
LG 94
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance
LG 96
Tank Tester Licensing Program 
LG 97
1989 Legislative Amendments to the Underground Storage Tank Law
LG 98
Report on Availability of Pollution Liability Insurance for USTs Containing Petroleum 
LG 99
Underground Storage Tank Program Implementation
LG 100
Underground Storage Tank Program; Assumption of Program Responsibility by Cities
LG 101
A Guide to the Assessment and Remediation of Underground Petroleum Releases
LG 102
Underground Storage Tank Tester Reports 
LG 103
Update on Financial Responsibility and SB 229
LG 104
Updating of Underground Storage Tank Leak Site Information
LG 106
Non-fuel Guidance Document for Underground Storage Tank Leak Sites
LG 108
How to Demonstrate That Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Methods Meet Performance Standards
LG 110
Transmittal of Legal Opinions: Permits issued by an agency implementing a UST program under pre-January 1, 1984 ordinance
LG 111
Update on the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund
LG 112-1
Transmittal of Legal Opinion on Enforcement
LG 114
Scope of Chapter 6.7, The Underground Storage Tank Law and 6.75, The Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Law 
LG 115
Update to the Department of Health Services (DHS) Emergency Reserve Account for Hazardous Materials Incidents
LG 117
Transmittal of Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Computerized On-line Information System (COLIS) User's Guide
LG 120
1991 Legislative Amendments to the Underground Storage Tank Law
LG 121
State Surcharge Exemption for Federal Underground Storage Tanks
LG 123-2
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (Revised February 9, 1993)
LG 124
Applicability of the Title 23 Chapter 15 Regulations to the Underground Storage Tank Program
LG 126
Local Implementing Agencies Must Issue Underground Storage Tank Permits to Tank Owners
LG 127
Classifications of Underground Storage Tanks (USTS) Storing Oxygenated Motor Vehicle Fuels and Gasohols
LG 128
Underground Storage Tank  Field Citation Program
LG 129-2
Underground Storage Tank Publications
LG 130-2
Flexible vs Ridgid Piping Material
LG 131
1993 Legislative Amendments Affecting Underground Storage Tanks
LG 132
Written Notice of Release of Hazardous Substance by Owners to Buyers, Lessees or Renters of Real Property.
LG 134
Upgrading USTs for 1998
LG 135
“Don’t Wait Until It's Too Late!” - A California Tank Owner's Guide to Upgrading USTs
LG 137-1
Weekly Manual Tank Gauging for Small USTs
LG 140
Financial Assistance for UST Owners and Operators: Federal and State Funding Programs
LG 144
Monitoring and Upgrading Requirements for Hybrid Tank Systems (Double-wall Tanks with Single-wall Piping Containing Motor Vehicle Fuel)
LG 146
Underground Storage Tank Upgrade Status Report
LG 147
Information on Availability of UST-Access
LG 148-1
UST Program Information on the Internet
LG 149
Tank Closure After the 1998 Upgrade Deadline
LG 153
Underground Storage Tank Leak Site Closure Letter
LG 155
Department of Toxic Substances Control Regulations on Management of Tanks
LG 154
Revocation of Upgrade Compliance Certificates
LG 156
Local Agency Petition for 90-day Extension to December 22,1998 Deadline for Issuance of Compliance Certificates
LG 157-1
Issuing Upgrade Compliance Certificates to New or Upgraded Facilities (new language)
LG 164-1
Reporting of Significant Operational Compliance