Biostimulatory Substances/Biological Integrity Stakeholder Advisory Group

Stakeholder Advisory Group

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) will advise the State Water Board staff on development of the nutrient control program and program to assess biological integrity. Stakeholders will be organized by interest group (environmental advocates, sanitary agencies, etc.) and each group will choose a representative. This representative will communicate the goals, technical and policy issues associated with the development of the nutrient control program to other interested stakeholders within their group. The representative will then communicate their interest group's comments back to the SAG.

An independent facilitator will represent the views of the SAG to the Science Panel and Regulatory Groups. The goal here is to ensure that overall stakeholder input is incorporated into the technical and policy elements throughout this process, empowering the Stakeholder Advisory Group to play a key role in advising the State Water Board.


Stakeholder Meetings

Date Agenda Meeting Location Presentations/Materials
12/22/2016 Agenda CalEPA, Sacramento/Webinar SAG Presentation
Draft Meeting Notes
BCG Workplan
03/17/2017 Agenda SCCWRP Costa Mesa SAG Presentation
Constraints on Biological Integrity in Streams in    Developed Landscapes
Statistical Modeling Responses of Bioassessment    Indices to Eutrophication Stressor Gradients
07/21/2017   Stakeholder Presented Webinar: "Proposed Categorical Water Body and Watershed-scale Approach to Support implementation of Narrative Biostimulatory and Biointegrity Water Quality Objectives"

Background Paper*

(*Please note that this proposal was written and presented by stakeholders. This was not developed by Water Board staff).

07/26/2017 Agenda SCCWRP Costa Mesa Meeting Recording (with presentation slides shown)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
10/26/2018 Agenda  

Draft Technical Documents for Review:
Prioritizing Management Goals for Stream Biological Integrity Within the Developed Landscape Context

Development of Benthic Macroinvertebrate and Algal Biological Condition Gradient Models for
California Wadeable Streams

Eutrophication Indicator Thresholds Protective of Biological Integrity in California Wadeable Streams

Approach to Assessment, Prevention and Management of Biostimulatory Impacts to California
Estuaries, Enclosed Bays, and Inland Waterbodies

Scientific Bases for Assessment, Prevention, and Management of Biostimulatory Impacts in California
Wadeable Streams

A Non-Predictive Algal Index for Complex Environments


Biostim Presentation to SAG

Biostimulatory/BioIntegrity Fall 2018 Update

Channels in Developed Landscapes

Algal Stream Condition Index

SCCWRP Guidance on Science Product Review

Scientific Basis for Biointegrity Goals

Setting Biostimulatory Thresholds

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