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Legislation passed in 2018 (AB 1668 and SB 606) directed the State Water Board to adopt long-term standards for the efficient use of water.

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Public Stakeholder Webinar: Urban Trees and Parklands

Material for Workshop
The following materials are subject to changes based on stakeholder input, as the stakeholder process is ongoing.


Past Meetings & Workshops


The formal rulemaking will begin in 2021. Rulemaking documents associated with the proposed regulation will be made available on this webpage then.

  • Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action
  • Proposed Text of Regulation
  • Initial Statement of Reason (IsoR)


Contract 19-058-240

In June 2019, the State Water Board adopted Resolution Number 2019-0029, authorizing a contract to support the environmental and economic analysis of new water efficiency standards.

The California Department of General Services approved Contract 19-058-240 on November 1, 2019. California State University (CSU) Sacramento will be leading the work to generate water use scenarios given varying and reasonably foreseeable climatic and economic conditions. The scenarios will inform both the environmental and economic impact analyses.

Teams at the University of California (UC) Los Angeles, UC Davis, and CSU Sacramento will carry out the environmental analyses, which include meeting CEQA obligations and evaluating impacts to local wastewater management, developed and natural parklands, and urban tree health. Teams at CSU Humboldt and CSU Sacramento will carry out the economic impact analysis.


Task 5 – Summary of Environmental Effects (Urban Trees and Parklands)

Task 5 – Summary of Environmental Effects (Wastewater)

Task 7 - Objective Exploration Tool

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