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Regulation Rulemaking on Urban Water Supplier Monthly Water Conservation Report

Regular Regulations

The State Water Board adopted a drought emergency water conservation regulation in July 2014. The regulation required the state’s larger urban water suppliers (those with more than 3,000 connections) to report to the Board monthly. Reporting was required until the emergency regulation expired in November 2017.  This reporting has continued on a voluntary basis since then. The reports include information on residential gallons per capita daily water use, total potable water production, measures implemented to conserve water and improve efficiency, and local enforcement actions.

In May 2018, Governor Brown signed new water efficiency legislation (Senate Bill 606 and Assembly Bill 1668). The new law creates water use efficiency standards and provides the State Water Board the authority to require monthly reporting that is currently voluntary.

Conference call on Urban Water Supplier Monthly Reports, July 31, 2019, 10 am to 11 am

This meeting covers a draft proposal to require urban water suppliers to submit monthly monitoring reports on potable water production. State Water Board staff will present information on the proposal, which modifies the current voluntary reporting, and considers changing data needs as the state moves toward a water efficiency approach. Staff will solicit input from participants.

There is no registration for this meeting.  The documents at the links below explain how to join the conference call.  This will be an operator-assisted call with a question and answer session.

How to be informed of the process

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Kathy Frevert at Kathy.Frevert@waterboards.ca.gov. Phone 916-322-5274.