Water Conservation Portal

Water Conservation Portal

Our changing climate requires Californians to move beyond temporary emergency drought measures and adopt permanent changes to use water more wisely and prepare for more frequent and persistent periods of limited water supply. Conservation and efficiency also reduce the energy needed to pump, transport, treat and deliver water. Your small changes make a big impact. Only by working together can we improve and sustain the state’s water future for generations to come.

Visit the web links below. Learn about conservation programs and activities. Be water wise.

What's New

  • Changes to Proposed Text of Regulation (issued 01/31/18) The State Water Board is seeking comments on changes to proposed regulation to prohibit certain wasteful water use practices. As directed by Executive Order B-40-17, the State Water Board is conducting a rulemaking to prohibit wasteful water use practices. Public comments are due by noon February 14, 2018. The adoption hearing is on February 20, 2018. These prohibitions also support the goal of “Making Conservation a California Way of Life”.

  • Resolution and Press Release (issued 04/26/17) Resolution rescinds the water supply stress test requirements and remaining mandatory conservation standards for urban water suppliers. The action was in response to Governor Brown's announcement earlier this month ending the drought state of emergency and transitioning to a permanent framework for making water conservation a California way of life. Current prohibitions against wasteful water use practices and requirements for monthly water use reporting remain in place. Also see: FAQ

  • Executive Order B-40-17 (Issued 04/07/17) Lifts the drought emergency in all California counties except Fresno, Kings, Tulare and Tuolumne, where emergency drinking water projects will continue to help address diminished groundwater supplies. Today's order also rescinds two emergency proclamations from January 2014 and April 2014 and four drought-related executive orders issued in 2014 and 2015.

  • Conservation reports (updated monthly)

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