Office of Delta Watermaster

Water Rights Associated within the Legal Delta

This interactive map displays Appropriative water rights (Permits and/or Licenses) and Statements of Water Diversion and Use water rights for islands/areas in the Legal Delta. Find water right information by clicking on a location dot on the map. Completed Island Summaries of Water Rights can be found on the Select a Delta Island or Area box on the right.
  green:  Legal Delta Boundary
  red:  Appropriative Permit or License
  blue:  Statement of Diversion and Use
  RD:  Reclamation District

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Andrus Island (RD 317)
Bacon Island (RD 2028)
Bethel Island (Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District)
Bishop Tract (RD 2042)
Bouldin Island (RD 756)
Brack Tract (RD 2033)
Bradford Island (RD 2059)
Brannan Island (RD 2067)
Byron Tract (RD 800)
Cache-Haas (RD 2098)
Canal Tract (RD 2086)
Coney Island (RD 2117)
Dead Horse Island (RD 2111)
Drexler Tract
Earhardt Club (RD 813)
Egbert Island (RD 536)
Egbert Island (RD 2084)
Empire Tract (RD 2029)
Fabian Tract (RD 773)
Glanville Tract (RD 1002)
Glide District (RD 765)
Grand Island (RD 3)
Hastings Tract (RD 2060)
Holland Tract (RD 2025)
Hotchkiss Tract (RD 799)
Isleton (RD 407)
Jersey Island (RD 830)
Jones Tract - Lower (RD 2038)
Jones Tract - Upper (RD 2039)
Kasson District (RD 2085)
King Island (RD 2044)
Liberty Island (RD 2093)
Lisbon District (RD 307)
Mandeville Island (RD 2027)
McCormack-Williamson Tract (RD 2110)
McDonald Island (RD 2030)
McMullin Ranch (RD 2075)
Medford Island (RD 2041)
Merritt Island (RD 150)
Mossdale (RD 17)
New Hope Tract (RD 348)
Orwood Tract (RD 2072)
Palm Tract (RD 2036)
Paradise Junction (RD 2095)
Pescadero District (RD 2058)
Peters Pocket (RD 2014)
Pico-Naglee (RD 1007)
Pierson District (RD 551)
Prospect Island
Quimby Island (RD 2118)
Rindge Tract (RD 2037)
Rio Blanco Tract (RD 2114)
River Junction (RD 2064)
Roberts Island (RD 684, 524, 544)
Ryer Island (RD 501)
Sherman Island (RD 341)
Shima Tract (RD 2115)
Shin Kee Tract
Stark Tract (RD 2089)
Staten Island (RD 38)
Stewart Tract (RD 2062)
Sutter Island (RD 349)
Terminous Island (RD 548)
Twitchell Island (RD 1601)
Tyler Island (RD 563)
Union Island (RD 1, 2)
Van Sickle Island (RD 1607)
Veale Tract (RD 2065)
Venice Island (RD 2023)
Victoria Island (RD 2040)
Walthal Tract (RD 2094)
Webb Tract (RD 2026)
West Sacramento (RD 900)
Wetherbee Island (RD 2096)
Woodward Island (RD 2072)
Wright/Elmwood Tract (RD 2119)
Yolano (RD 2068)
  Yolo Bypass
  Unincorporated Area (San Joaquin County)
Unspecified Name (RD 369)
Unspecified Name (RD 554)
Unspecified Name (RD 556)
  Unspecified Name (RD 999)
Unspecified Name (RD 2121)