The Office of Enforcement - Legal Unit

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Legal support for all administrative civil liability actions for core regulatory programs and contested cease and desist order and cleanup and abatement orders.

The office's attorneys work with regional staff to bring administrative enforcement cases before the Regional Water Boards which include significant water quality enforcement cases and cases from programs that are carried out by the Regional Water Boards. There are challenges in bringing water quality enforcement actions for Judicial Prosecutions. Regional Water Board Investigative Assistance The State Water Board's SIU assist the Regional Water Boards by providing technical and investigative assistance on some of their cases. Referrals: OE is the primary legal contact point for criminal or civil enforcement actions for water quality violations referred by the nine Regional Water Boards to outside prosecutors such as the Attorney General’s Office or district attorneys. Enforcement Coordination: OE coordinates the monthly enforcement roundtables that include representatives of the nine Regional Water Boards and other enforcement partners such as US EPA and local prosecutors.