Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program - Recent Activity


Everything worked well. We are very grateful for this funding. This community has very serious needs, a very small user base and no way to pay for additional debt if we had to finance it at this time.

Jeff Gardner, City Manager, City of Plymouth

Excellent Program. This is a great benefit to communities striving to implement upgrades to water and wastewater systems. The application process was very streamlined and staff was extremely helpful. Our ability to secure this funding means almost a billion dollars in savings over the life of the loan compared to traditional bond funding. This is another way we're working to minimize the financial burden to our ratepayers for this important regional project.

Prabhakar Somavarapu, District Engineer Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

It has been a pleasure to work with a State agency that goes well out of their way to assist a small, rural community like ours.

Mayor Henry Ebinger, City of Tulelake