On September 25, 2012, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed Assembly Bill (AB) 685, making California the first state in the nation to legislatively recognize the human right to water.

Now in the Water Code as Section 106.3, the state statutorily recognizes that “every human being has the right to safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water adequate for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes.” The human right to water extends to all Californians, including disadvantaged individuals and groups and communities in rural and urban areas.   Show More | Show Less

Girl Drinking Water

The following is a list of updates that have been made to the Portal tabs as of 8/30/2019:

  • General Information tab:
    • SAFER Advisory Group
  • Graphics tab:
    • Updated the downloadable Excel files
  • Water Data tab:
    • Posted a summary of water system's current exceedance/compliance status (Excel file)
    • Posted detailed exceedance/compliance issues data (Excel files)

Information Relating to Human Right to Water

Public Water System Compliance Status

Public Water System Status Pie Chart Image

Public Water System Status

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Download Summary of Public
Water System
Exceedance / Compliance Status
(Excel file)

status_summary_tracking_master Chart Image

Water System Trend Line

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hr2w_graphic_number_ooc_pws chart Image

Total Out of Compliance Systems per County

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Download County Total Data(Excel file)

hr2w_graphic_ooc_pws_analyte Chart Image

Percentage of Public Water Systems Exceeding Drinking Water Standards per Analyte

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Download Analyte Percentage Data(Excel file)

hr2w_graphic_number_ooc_pop_analyte Chart Image

Total Population Served by Public Water Systems Exceeding Drinking Water Standards per Analyte

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Download Analyte Population Data(Excel file)

Water System Drinking Water Data

Funding Resources for Drinking Water Projects

  • Division of Financial Assistance (DFA) Application Status Search
    • The application status tool allows users to search the status of drinking water and clean water applications that have been submitted for funding consideration and are under review. Applicants who have received a funding agreement are not on this report.
  • Drinking Water Application Status Report
    • DFA assists public water systems in financing the cost of drinking water infrastructure projects needed to achieve or maintain compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act requirements.
  • Proposition 1 Funded Drinking Water Projects (Map)
  • Proposition 1 Technical Assistance (TA) Funding Program
    • The Proposition 1 (Prop 1) TA Program is available to help small (less than 10,000 people) disadvantaged communities develop, fund, and implement Prop 1 eligible drinking water, wastewater, storm water, or groundwater capital projects. In addition to Prop 1 TA, DFA also manages the DWSRF set-aside funding for training and non-capital project development such as, compliance audits, rate studies, and income surveys to small public water systems.
  • List of Water Systems Receiving Interim Bottled Water/POU
    • Coming soon.
  • Central Coast Regional Water Board Domestic Well Testing Project
    • The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board is providing free water quality testing for residents that get their drinking water from domestic wells to inform them about potential health risks associated with nitrate contamination and other harmful chemicals that may be present in their drinking water.

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