STORMS Projects

The Stormwater Strategy identifies six necessary objectives necessary to achieving STORMS’ vision for a future where stormwater is sustainably managed and utilized, which guide which projects we select. Below is a table of current Phase II projects and previously completed projects.


Current Projects

Project Lead Staff
Urban Pesticides Provisions
Development of a statewide policy for urban pesticides in stormwater. The policy would include mandates for community outreach and municipal integrated pest management (IPM), establish the implementation framework for an adaptive Statewide Urban Pesticides Monitoring Program, and establish how data generated by the Provisions might be used.
(916) 323-8569
Standardizing Cost Reporting in Municipal Stormwater Permits
Development of model permit language for Phase I & II MS4 permits to assist in the tracking of true costs of permit implementation. Proposed new permit requirements will require MS4 permittees to consistently estimate, track, and report costs that are directly related to MS4 permit implementation.
(916) 327-5633
Site-Specific Water Quality Objectives for Copper and Zinc
Adoption of a State Policy that would establish protocols and procedures to support the development of site-specific objectives (SQO) for copper and zinc, and policy of implementation applicable to fresh-surface waters of California. The Provisions aim to provide consistent protection of aquatic life beneficial uses in waters throughout the state and protect aquatic habitats and biological life from the effects of copper and zinc.
(916) 341-5912
Infiltration Policy
Development of a water quality control policy for infiltration of urban runoff to create statewide consistency. Language and baseline requirements would be developed for incorporation into MS4 Permits.
(916) 323-0882
Stormwater Volume Methodologies
Creation of a GIS story map that presents annual estimates of storm water capture potential in California and discusses current and future efforts involved with capturing storm water.
(916) 323-0882
Adaptive Management Guidance
Development of statewide flexible, comprehensive, best-practices guidance for designing Alternative Compliance Pathways (ACP) monitoring programs. By interpreting the data generated by these programs, managers can use adaptive management decision criteria to address specific scenarios or questions towards long-term water quality objective goals.
(916) 341-5912
Evaluate and Increase Permit Compliance
Development of guidance materials for storm water permit compliance evaluation. Additionally, this project would identify further resources for conducting focused program audits and compliance inspections to deter noncompliance, which would support implementation requirements developed in Storm Water Program permits.

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