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UST Program - LG 113

UST Program - LG 113

Issue Date: June 19, 1996
Revision Date: December 4, 2002

EFA Technologies, Inc.



Certification Leak rate of 3.0 gph at 10 psi with PD = 100% and PFA = 0%.
The USEPA has not set a minimum detectable leak rate for large diameter pipeline systems (airport hydrant systems) at the time of this evalu
Leak Threshold 2.2 gph.
A pipeline system should not be declared tight if the test result indicates a loss or gain that equals or exceeds this threshold.
Applicability Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, fuel oil #4, waste oil.
Other liquids may be tested after consultation with the manufacturer.
Specification System tests pressurized bulk material transfer pipelines.
Suitable for all pressurized steel, plastic, fiberglass, or concrete pipelines.
System is used as an equivalent 3 gph line leak detector.
Leak detection flow rates are proportional to pressure in pipeline.
Testing is conducted while the product is not flowing in the pipeline.
Pipeline must be full and under pressure.
Gravity feed pipelines under constant static head pressure may be tested with system.
Pipeline Capacity Maximum of 116,230 gallons.
System tested on 58,115 gallon pipeline.
Use of pipeline test protocol allows system to be used on pipelines twice the volume of test pipeline.
Contact manufacturer prior to using on pipelines exceeding 58,115 gallons through 116,230 gallons.
Waiting Time None between delivery and testing.
None between dispensing and testing.
Test Period Response time is 2 to 5 minutes.
Test data are acquired and recorded by system's computer.
Calculations are automatically performed by system's computer.
System Features Permanent installation on pipeline.
Automatic testing of pipeline at least once per hour under static conditions.
Continuous operation during flowing conditions (however, thresholds are higher due to hydraulic noise in pipeline).
Declaration of leak if current changes in pressure exceed tuning parameters, or if pressure fluctuates in a manner that is characteristic of a leak. Pump shutdown, indicator light and alarm activation if leak is declared.
Calibration System must be checked annually.
Standard electronic field instruments used by the system requires normal annual inspection and calibration checks.
Comments Designed to replace a mechanical line leak detector to detect equivalent 3 gph releases at 10 psi on large pipelines at pressures higher than those found at typical service station.


EFA Technologies, Inc.

Evaluator:  Ms. Terri Regan -

116 20th St.

Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center

Sacramento, CA  95814

Tel:  (202) 433-5196

Tel:  (916) 443-8842

Date of Evaluation:  09/26/95

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