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UST Program - LG 113

UST Programs - LG 113

Issue Date: November 22, 1995
Revision Date: August 8, 2017



TLS-350 Series, TLS-450 Series, TLS-4 8601 Series, Red Jacket ProMax with
Interstitial Liquid Sensor 794380-341,
Dispenser Pan Sensor 794380-320,
Discriminating Containment Sump Sensor 794380-350*,
Discriminating Fibretrench Sensor 794380-360, 361, 362



Output type: qualitative
Sampling frequency: continuous
Operating principle: capacitance change/ultrasonic (794380-341),
electrical conductivity/ultrasonic (794380-320, 350, 360, 361, 362)

Test Results:

TLS-350 Series, TLS-450 Series
Interstitial Liquid Sensor 794380-341** Unleaded Gasoline Diesel***  Water
Response time (min) <1 <1 <1
Recovery time (min) <1 <1 <1
Product activation height (cm) <0.125 <0.125 <0.125
Dispenser Pan Sensor 794380-320,
Containment Sump Sensor 794380-350,
Discriminating Fibertrench Sensor 794380-360, 361, 362
High***** Low*****
Response time (min) 6.59 5.00 4.60
Recovery time (min) 17.17 <1 <1
Product activation height (cm) 3.40 20.3 2.45

TLS-4 8601 Series
(The TLS-4 8601 Series consists of the following derivatives: TLS-4, TLS-4B, TLS-4c, TLS-4i, and TLS-S1 consoles.)
Interstitial Liquid Sensor
794380-320, 350
Diesel*** High*****  Low*****
Detection time (min) 8.3 99.3 <1 <1
Fall time (min) 10.3 >24hrs <1 <1
Threshold Level (inches) <0.125 <0.125 8.24 1.07

*California requires annual certification of all leak detection equipment. The certification of discriminating sensors should include functional testing of both water and product detection capabilities. Sensors can only respond to liquid directly in contact with the detection element, and are unable to detect a product release floating on an existing pool of water whose height exceeds the level of the detection element.
**Interstitial Liquid Sensor 794380-341 was replaced by Discriminating Interstitial Sensor 794380-343 and is not supported by TLS-450 series console.
***Evaluations determined 794380-320, 794380-341, and 794380-350 sensors' responses to the liquids shown above and those indicated in the following section. Biodiesel blends B6-B20 meeting ASTM D7467 and biodiesel B100 meeting ASTM D6751 would also produce an alarm if the sensor threshold is exceeded. Responses to these fuels were not determined, but would be expected to be very similar to the diesel responses.
***Discriminating Fibertrench Sensors 794380-360, 361, 362 was replaced by sensors 794380-320 and 794380-350 and is not supported by TLS-450.
*****The "high" and "low" refer to high and low level alarm points of hydrostatic sensors.

Specificity Results (in addition to above for 794380-341):
This sensor will respond to any liquid after its threshold is exceeded.

Specificity Results (in addition to above for 794380-320, 350):
Activated:  diesel (at liquid height of 4.75 cm), synthetic fuel (at 2.58 cm), heating oil #2 (at 4.67 cm).

Interstitial Liquid Sensor 794380-341 was listed as a discriminating sensor in the 7th edition of this list.  However, the vendor has since indicated that the sensor is sometimes unable to determine if the liquid is product or water and the sensor was re-evaluated as a non-discriminating liquid sensor.  Therefore, all alarms initiated by any new or existing Interstitial Liquid Sensor 794380-341 should be treated as a liquid alarm indicating product and/or water.  This may make it necessary to reprogram previously installed systems.
For Discriminating Fibertrench Sensor 794380-360, lowest water level detection and alarm activation is set at 23 inches high and highest water alarm is set at 25 inches high; for 794380-361, values are 13 inches and 16 inches; for 794380-362, values are 3 inches and 12 inches, (based on manufacturer's specifications).
Sensors are reusable.
Comparison of TLS-450 with TLS-350 series console showed comparable results when evaluated with representative sensors.
TLS-4 Series testing did not include testing with used oil. Evaluator expects comparable results from previous testing with other consoles listed.

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Evaluator:  Carnegie Mellon Research Institute
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Dates of Evaluation:  06/30/93, 05/26/93, 06/30/97

Evaluator:  Ken Wilcox Associates
Tel:  (816) 443-2494
Dates of Evaluation:  5/26/93, 11/01/00, 03/03/08, 12/21/16

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