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PEP Contact Information

Email: ustcleanupfund@waterboards.ca.gov
Subject Line: "PEP 4.0" or "Project Execution Plan 4.0"
Phone: (800) 813-FUND (3863)
Responses are provided within 48 hours

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The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Fund has introduced a project planning tool called a Project Execution Plan (PEP). The PEP is developed and concurred by a group referred to as the project's Joint Execution Team (JET), which includes the claimant with their consultant, regulatory agency staff and UST Cleanup Fund staff. It is expected that using the PEP will reduce the time and overall costs to complete a project.

Use of a PEP fosters a transparent and organized coordination process in the development and documentation of a detailed, implementable and trackable plan of necessary tasks and associated financial resources. The PEP identifies the tasks, estimated costs and schedule needed to meet project goals. The PEP's proposed schedule and estimated costs, define the project's Multi-Year Budget Plan. The PEP Multi-Year Budget Plan, like all budgets, is a UST Cleanup Fund set-aside. Costs must be submitted after they have been incurred and reviewed by UST Cleanup Fund staff who will determine if the submitted costs are reasonable and necessary and eligible to be reimbursed. It is expected that in future years the assignment of annual site budgets for UST Cleanup Fund Claims will be more timely and predictable, and the performance of unnecessary or excessive tasks necessary to meet petroleum UST case closure requirements will be reduced.

The PEP is appropriate for all projects funded by the UST Cleanup Fund, including petroleum UST cases with Cleanup Fund Claims, Emergency, Abandoned or Recalcitrant (EAR) contracts, Orphan Site Cleanup Fund (OSCF) grants, and the Commingled Plume Account (CPA. For petroleum UST cases, the PEP lays out a plan to meet case closure. For non-petroleum cases (SCAP only), the PEP lays out a plan to complete the project.

The PEP is a macro-enabled Excel Workbook with multiple worksheets. Be sure to read and follow the Instructions. All PEP information is available for JET review and communication.

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