Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

Steps To Faster Reimbursement

In an effort to help minimize reimbursement time for reasonable and necessary costs, the Fund is providing a one-stop shop that summarizes information relevant to reimbursements in one convenient location. This information will be regularly updated and explains steps that a claimant/consultant can take to help assist the Fund with timely reimbursements.

  • Exercise Due Diligence
    Claimants are responsible for ensuring that all statements, documents, and certifications submitted with a claim application and during the active life of a claim are accurate.  (Health & Saf. Code sec. 25299.55(a); Fund Regulations, sec. 2812.6.)  In order to ensure that you are fulfilling all of the Fund’s eligibility requirements and to speed up the processing of your claim application, please carefully read and follow all claim application and reimbursement instructions.  More information on these requirements.
  • Submit timely Reimbursement Request (RR) packages
    Costs should be submitted for reimbursement within three months of being incurred. For ongoing work, this would be quarterly. Timely submittal allows for a steadier rate of incoming RR packages for review, leading to reduced payment processing times.
  • Submit RR packages within assigned claim budget
    RR packages containing eligible costs within the assigned claim budget can be reimbursed faster because funding is specifically set aside for the claim. Eligible costs over-budget cannot be reimbursed as quickly because additional funding may not be available.
  • Submit RR packages that are complete and well documented.
    Follow this checklist to prepare RR packages. Most common mistakes will be avoided, and RR packages will not be returned for correction. Common reasons for RR package returns.
  • Submit invoices in accordance with Fund Regulations 2812(d).
    hFollowing the invoice guidance document should ensure that invoices are adequate to reimburse costs. Review invoices to avoid submitting costs which the Fund is unlikely to consider reasonable and necessary (see the following links). If submitted, include supporting documentation. Refer to the Cost Guidelines, and the Fund’s letter dated August 15, 2011 regarding reasonable and necessary costs for mark-up rate in excess of 10 percent, mark-up of utility and/or permit costs, etc.
  • Submit complete and accurate forms
    Use the most recent version of forms when submitting RR packages. The authorized claimant (signatory on file with the Fund) must sign forms. The following page contains the Fund’s forms and indicates those that require a wet signature
  • Submit Remediation Information Form (if applicable)
    For RRs submitted during a claim's site remediation/treatment work phase, the Remediation Information Form must be included with the RR as justification for reasonable and necessary costs. This form can be found at: Remediation Information Form.
  • Upload site information to GeoTracker
    Reports required to be submitted to the regulatory agency must be uploaded to GeoTracker to be in compliance. The information in the reports is justification for reasonable and necessary costs. For more specific information, visit: Electronic Submittal Information.
  • Submit proof of payment documentation within 60 days of the date of the reimbursement check
    The Fund must withhold future reimbursements unless proof of payment documentation is submitted within 60 days of the date of the reimbursement check.
  • Resolve Accounts Receivable (A/R) issues
    The Fund must withhold future reimbursements if there are outstanding A/R issues. To resolve the issue, additional documentation may be required or funds may need to be returned to the Fund. Find more information about the A/R process.
  • Submit timely documents if requesting changes to a claim
    Prior to making changes to a claim (i.e. authorized signatory, mailing address, entity changes including the death of an existing claimant or an assignment), certain documents must be submitted by the claimant. All Documents to request changes. Assignment of a claim to another entity.

  • Stay informed
    To receive the latest Fund information, subscribe to the Fund’s electronic mailing list, and visit the Fund’s website at: https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/ustcf/.