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The Water Boards Wastewater Needs Assessment (WWNA) is a four-year project, beginning July 2023, to provide information on California’s wastewater sanitation system needs. The WWNA an outcome from State Water Board Resolution No. 2022-0019 and Resolution No. 2016-0010, recognizing Californians’ equal and human right to sanitation and that safe wastewater management is critical to human and environmental health.

The WWNA does not impose any permitting requirements, consolidation projects, or fees for regulatory or governing agencies, businesses, or peoples of the public. The WWNA intends to provide:

  • a statewide list of wastewater infrastructure priority projects for potential funding sources, and
  • the first statewide gap analysis of wastewater infrastructure to inform Water Board and state decisions on regulatory and resource investment priorities.

For more information, please read the one-page WWNA project description / descripción del proyecto de la WWNA.

This webpage will be periodically updated.

News & Meetings

  • Survey available until the end of June 2024 (may be extended).
    The survey link is the same for English and Spanish. The survey allows you to give perspective on community and household wastewater system needs in California, which will be valuable information for the WWNA project analysis.
    La encuesta estará disponible hasta finales de junio de 2024, pero la fecha límite puede extenderse según sea necesario. El enlace de la encuesta es el mismo para inglés y español. La encuesta le permite brindar una perspectiva sobre las necesidades de sistemas de aguas residuales domésticas y comunitarias en California, lo que será información valiosa para el análisis del proyecto de la evaluación de necesidades de aguas residuales (WWNA).
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE, FEBRUARY 29, 2024 / plazo de solicitud, 29 de febrero de 2024 – WWNA Advisory Group Application and General Expectations outlining participant requirements and information (English / Español)
  • Wastewater Needs Assessment Informational Item - September 6, 2023. This public presentation to the State Water Board provided an update on the first work phase of the statewide Wastewater Needs Assessment contract which began July 1, 2023.


  • No public reports are currently available.

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