Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Project No. 12496

Project Name: Lassen Lodge Hydroelectric Project

Proposed Project diversion Dam Site Proposed Project Diversion Dam Site,
Located on Upper South Fork Battle Creek
(Photo provided by State Water Board staff)
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Applicant: Rugraw, LLC
County: Tehama
License Expiration Date: Not Applicable - Original License
Water Quality Certification Status: Issued November 13, 2020
Waterbodies: South fork Battle Creek and Associated Tributaries

Project Description:

Rugraw, LLC proposes to construct the Lassen Lodge Hydroelectric Project (Project) on the upper South Fork of Battle Creek, in Tehama County. The proposed Project will be located on the western slopes of the Cascade Range approximately 1.5 miles west of the town of Mineral, an unincorporated community in Tehama County. The proposed Project will be a run-of-the-river facility that will have a generating capacity of five megawatts. The sole purpose of the Project is hydropower generation.

Proposed Project Bypass Reach

Proposed Project Bypass Reach
Photo provided by State Water Board staff
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Most proposed Project elements will be located on the south side of the South Fork of Battle Creek. Facilities include: a diversion dam, intake structure, flow control/fish screen structure, pipeline and penstock, transition structure, powerhouse, substation, station service line, transmission line, switchyard, and multipurpose areas.

Historically, stream flow in the proposed Project area was diverted into a ditch for lumber conveyance using the natural gradient. It is anticipated that the flow control/fish screen structure will use a segment of the historic ditch.

The Project proposes to take stream water through a penstock located approximately 0.7 miles above Angel Falls, run it through a Pelton wheel turbine and then return the water to the river 2.4 miles downstream above Panther Grade. For reference, Panther Grade is 1.7 miles upstream of the Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project site.

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