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Water System Administrators: Community and Program Info


A ‘Water System Administrator’ is a qualified specialist that provides Technical, Managerial, and/or Financial expertise to struggling water systems. Disadvantaged communities served by a failing water system on the Human Right to Water list are eligible for an Administrator Appointment funded by the State Water Board, through SAFER program funding. 

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Visit our Administrator Candidate page if you are currently appointed as an Administrator, approved as a potential Administrators, or interested in joining the Administrator pool.

  How to Participate

Any ratepayer or person receiving water from the water system identified as needing an Administrator is part of the community and is invited to follow Administrator Appointment process and provide feedback to the State Water Board.  

Partipate via Written Feedback, Monitor Progress, Meeting Feedback
  • All public meeting notifications will be posted in the documents table section of this webpage and submitted in writing to ratepayers and residents. Public meetings and other mailed notifications sent to the community are open to public input.
  • The Office of Public Participation offers language services and additional community participation support.
  • For more information on an Administrator Project in your community, call or email the assigned engineer in your region.
  • If a community member believes the administrator has taken actions that are not in the best interest of the community, they can submit a complaint to the State Water Board at or Petition the State Water Board to reconsider.

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Use this map directory to contact a SAFER engineer in your community.

There are two types of administrators:

  • Full Scope. A full scope administrator is authorized to exercise total and complete managerial control over a designated water system. This includes: distributing water bills, legal responsibilities, operating the water system, hosting public meetings, and developing improvement projects.
  • Limited Scope. This type of administrator does not have complete managerial or financial control over the water system. A limited scope administrator manages one or more of the specific areas listed above, for example an Administrator who manages only a grant-funded project.

Administrator Role

  • Community accountability. An administrator must act in the best interest of the water system and community it serves including ratepayers, renters, and property owners. Administrators will establish relationships through a Community Accountability and Engagement Plan that includes outreach, public meetings, and regular updates (at least every three months).
  • Water system management. Each administrator develops and implements a plan to improve the water system’s capability to sustainably deliver adequate, affordable, and safe drinking water. The administrator trains the water system?? to develop their administrative and project management skills to maintain a sustainable governance model.

Community Role

  • Participate in the process. Community members play an important role in providing input to the administrator on safe drinking water efforts in their community. Community members can influence the administrator’s decision-making by attending meetings and providing input in the process.
  • If a community member believes the administrator has taken actions that are not in the best interest of the community, they can submit a complaint to the State Water Board at
Milestones of a water system Administrator Appointment and Implementation.

1. System Notification

  • The State Water Board will notify the water system they have been identified as consistently failing to provide an adequate supply of affordable, safe drinking water to a disadvantaged community.
  • The system is given the opportunity to prove otherwise.

2. Public Notification

  • The community is provided written notice of a public meeting to discuss the administrator appointment decision, at approximately 30 days before the public meeting.
  • The potential administrator candidate will be disclosed in the public meeting notice, if already identified

3. Public Input & Meeting

  • The State Water Board will review the administrator process with the community, including an overview of tasks, the qualifications of the administrator, and how they will be funded.
  • The name of administrator candidate will be shared with the public by written notice when identified. The community will have the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed selected administrator.

4. Scoping & Funding

  • The State Water Board will develop a plan for the water system including scope of work, budget, and funding for the administrator’s salary.

5. Administrator Appointment

  • The Administrator Order appoints the selected Administrator to take managerial control of the water system.

6. Implementation

  • A Community Accountability & Engagement plan will be developed within 90 days of appointment.
  • Administrators must hold public meetings to share updates at every 3 months.
  • A Post-Administrator Service Plan will be provided within 12 months of appointment.

7. Appointment Concludes (Administrator Transition)

  • The Administrator will transition managerial control of water system to a sustainable form of governance, with the Post-Administrator Drinking Water Service Plan in effect.

Water Systems Notified of opportunity to show adequate, affordable, safe drinking water Public Meeting Date Notified ratepayers the name of the possible Administrator, qualifications, and scope of work Administrator Order Date Community Accountability & Engagement Plan
Lake Morena Views Mutual Water Company 1/20/2023 04/18/2023
04/18/2023 Español
Locke Water Works Company 1/6/2023        
Athal Mutual Water Company 12/16/2022 03/15/2023
03/15/2023 en Español
Slides en Espanol

Meeting 2

06/27/2023 en Español
06/15/2023 en Español
Hornbrook C.S.D 11/2/2022        
William Fisher Memorial Water Company 04/25/2022 10/25/2022    
Teviston Community Service District 07/16/2021 11/03/2021
11/03/2021 Español
Flyer en Español
Recording in English with Captions
Recording in Spanish with Captions
12/9/2022 en Español
Six Acres Mutual Water Company 03/08/2021 06/29/2021
06/29/2021 Español
06/04/2021 10/10/2022 03/08/2023
Keeler Community Service District 01/13/2021 05/18/2021
05/18/2021 en Español
Flyer en Español
04/19/2021 2/9/2023 07/14/2023
Las Deltas Mutual Water System 11/02/2020

09/29/2021 UPDATED
09/29/2021 en Español ACTUALIZADA
09/29/2021 en Espanol
Flyer en Espanol

East Orosi CSD 09/10/2020 04/07/2021
04/07/2021 en Español
Flyer en Español
Presentation Slides
Presentation Slides en Español


Old River Mutual Water Company 09/09/2020 09/21/2021
09/21/2021 en Español
Flyer en Español
Presentation Slides


South Kern Mutual Water Company 09/09/2020 09/21/2021
09/21/2021 en Español
Flyer en Español
Presentation Slides
08/20/2021 02/02/2024  
Sierra Vista Water Association 08/27/2020 02/04/2021 UPDATED
02/04/2021 en Español ACTUALIZADA
Flyer en Español
08/19/2021 en Español
07/01/2021 (rescinded)
Valley Ford Water Association 07/29/2020 01/19/2021
01/19/2021 en Español
Flyer en Español
Presentation Slides
NorCal Water Works 07/09/2020 12/20/2020
12/20/2020 en Español
Flyer en Español
Presentation Slides
07/31/2021 (revised)
North Edwards Water District 06/24/2020 Agenda
11/09/2020 en Español
Presentation Slides
10/09/2020 12/22/2020 04/05/2022
Cazadero Water Company 06/11/2020 12/07/2020
12/07/2020 en Español
Flyer en Español
Presentation Slides
11/07/2020 03/13/2023  
West Water Company 11/01/2020 10/15/2020