The Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee (ELTAC) is multidisciplinary committee appointed by Division of Drinking Water management to assist, advise, and make recommendations regarding technical, scientific, and administrative matters concerning the accreditation or certification of environmental laboratories.


Method Detection Limits

Procedural Recommendations

Subcommittee on Quality Management System (12/20/18)

Location 1

Vacaville Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant
6040 Vaca Station Road**
Elmira, CA 95625

**Due to construction – all entries to the WW Plant must come onto Vaca Station Road from Fry Rd – it is not accessible via the route through downtown Elmira. Proceed to Gate 2 and you will be allowed in and directed to the Main Admin building to check in.

Location  2

Orange County Sanitation District
10844 Ellis Avenue*
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

*All visitors to the Wastewater Recovery Facility will need to check-in at the entry gate and be directed to the Environmental Services Conference Room.

Informal Workgroups

Field of Testing Lists

  • ELTAC Report (6/15/16)

    ELAP Requests Comments on Proposed Changes to Structure of Fields of Testing Worksheets (1/10/17)

    ELAP is requesting comments regarding proposed changes to the structure of ELAP's Field of Testing (FOT) worksheets.

    The Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee (ELTAC) is recommending a structural change whereby ELAP's FOT worksheets are arranged by analyte (as opposed to the current version where FOT's are arranged by method). View the draft FOT 101: Microbiology of Drinking Water for an example. ELAP is requesting general feedback on the proposed structure, as well as comments on overall ease of use and practicality.

    Please submit comments to ELAPCA_Comments@waterboards.ca.gov and indicate "Proposed Changes to FOT Worksheet Structure" in the subject line.