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GAMA Fact Sheets

GAMA - Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment Program

Fact Sheets

The State Water Board and USGS have prepared fact sheets to help the public and other agencies understand the activities associated with the GAMA Program.

Chemicals of Concern (COC) - Groundwater Information Sheets

The Groundwater Special Studies Unit has compiled technical information on some higher profile Chemicals of Concern (COCs) that may pose a threat to groundwater quality in the State. Groundwater Information Sheets for each COC have been prepared and are periodically updated to reflect current knowledge and technology.

Groundwater Information Sheets include the following information

  • Chemical formula, aliases, and identification numbers
  • Regulatory and water quality levels
  • Summary information pertaining to detection in California’s groundwater
  • Analytical test methods, regulatory testing requirements, and known analytical limitations
  • Discussion of anthropogenic and natural sources
  • Environmental fate and transport characteristics
  • History of occurrence
  • Remediation/treatment technologies
  • Adverse health effects
  • Key references

COCs Groundwater Information Sheets

U.S. EPA List of Priority Drinking Water Contaminants for Regulatory Consideration

Contact Information

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Questions or Comments?

Email us at GAMA@waterboards.ca.gov or call (916) 341-5577

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